Carrie Underwood Gives 12-Year-Old Boy First Kiss

A 12-year-old boy in Louisville, Kentucky had his first kiss this weekend and it was none other than country superstar Carrie Underwood.

The young man was attending an Underwood concert when he held up a sign asking for the superstar to be his first kiss.

The 29-year old singer eventually gave in and invited the boy named Chase onto the stage. While holding his hand she revealed that her first kiss was at the age of 14.

Underwood then asks Chase:

“How we going to do this?” she asks.

His response:

“Lip to lip.”

She then called him the “smartest kid ever” and planted one on him. Underwood then told her audience:

“That’s the only time that is ever going to happen!”

After the concert Carrie Underwood tweeted:

Thanks, Chase, for the kiss and thanks Louisville for rocking so hard tonight! We had fun!

Next up for Carrie Underwood is the CMA Awards which she will be hosting for a fifth time. The CMA Awards air on November 1. Also hosting that event is country star Brad Paisley.

Here’s the video of Carrie Underwood landing Chase his first kiss:

Why do I have this creeping suspicion that “be my first kiss” signs are going to start showing up everywhere. I personally look forward to seeing all the desperate 40-year-old guys who think the same sign will work for them.

All I can say is good thinking Chase and good luck with your really disappointing second kiss that won’t be from Carrie Underwood.