‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie And Nathan Move Toward Their Wedding, Claudette Shakes Things Up, And Laura Confronts Rachel

What is coming up on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers indicate that there is drama related to Claudette and Griffin on the way, and viewers will see a bit of Finn as well. Maxie and Nathan are moving closer to a wedding, but will their plans get turned upside down? Teasers for the August 18 show also reveal that Laura will have some intense words for Rachel and Valerie is in a difficult spot.

Griffin was stunned to cross paths with Claudette, and she saw this reunion as quite the opportunity. General Hospital spoilers from the previews for Thursday’s show detail that he will get yet another surprise from her, but he is not terribly pleased about it. In addition, Nina will cross paths with Claudette and voice surprise that she is still in Port Charles. Claudette will giddily let Nina know that she’s decided to stick around after all.

Oblivious to the chaos about to erupt regarding Griffin and Claudette, Maxie and Nathan are happily planning for their wedding. General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps note that Maxie will connect with Lulu to start firming up some of the details related to the big day. Nathan will be sharing some heartfelt words with his fiancee, telling her that his life began and ends with her. Viewers can bet, however, that this pair will be facing new obstacles again quite soon.

As far as everybody knows at this point, Nikolas died after being shot on Cassadine Island. The buzz is that Nikolas will be alive and well, and the character will be played again by Tyler Christopher again this fall. However, at this point, everybody in Port Charles is mourning his death. General Hospital spoilers share that Laura will be confronting Rachel about what happens now that Nik is gone.

Rachel did seem sincerely distressed to learn of Nikolas’ apparent death, but now she seemingly does something that sparks fury from her mother-in-law. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Laura will confront Rachel and make some threats about how ugly things will get if Rachel tries to take advantage of her position as a Cassadine widow. Will this back Rachel off of whatever she had in mind or make her all the more determined to get what she can while she can?

Viewers will see Finn with his medications again, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will make a comment about being one step closer to helping everybody who has the same medical issue that he has been trying to manage. It sounds as if there will be a bit of Finn and Rachel together again during Thursday’s episode as well.

Valerie has been digging into the case of the “Angel of Mercy” killings, and General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central detail that she seemingly makes some significant progress during the next show. However, previews also reveal that she will be collapsing, and some wonder if she has been getting too close to the truth.

Is Valerie going to be targeted next? Is the Angel of Mercy Dr. Maddox as some viewers have started to speculate? Whatever difficulties she faces during this next episode, it seems that Valerie will recover as she has hot moments on the way with Curtis.

Alexis has lost her law license for a year and was warned that she would be watched closely during this time. She was warned to be careful not to spend time with unsavory characters, and viewers know that will certainly be a challenge for her.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Alexis will be having a conversation with Sonny during the next show, and she will have a confession to make to him. This will surely be about her law license or Julian, and viewers will be curious to see how things play out between Alexis and Sonny during this chat. In addition, previews note that Sonny will be meeting with Brick to disperse a new assignment, and Alexis and Nina will also connect for a chat that could head toward some interesting topics.

How far will Claudette go to get what she wants in Port Charles? Will Maxie and Nathan tie the knot, or is a heartbreaking split on the way? Can Alexis pull her life back together again despite all of the drama with Julian? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are juicy twists and turns ahead, and fans will not want to miss the action that is on the way.

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