Dorinda Medley Slams Bethenny Frankel’s Way Of Sharing Cheating Story

Dorinda Medley may have been the voice of reason when she first joined The Real Housewives of New York, but Medley has been labeled a troublemaker on this season of the show. In fact, people think that she is stirring the pot this season because she's speaking her mind about the drama on the show. And when the episodes air, Dorinda is speaking out on Twitter, which tends to get her into trouble with the Real Housewives of New York viewers. And this week, Medley is speaking out about how Bethenny Frankel handled the cheating situation with Luann de Lesseps.

According to a new tweet, Dorinda Medley is now revealing that she does not agree with the way Frankel handled the situation. Bethenny revealed that the cheating picture had been sent to her by one of her friends during the middle of the night just days before they left for Miami. She knew that she had to tell Luann about the cheating rumor, but she struggled to find the right way. And Dorinda had no problem calling out her co-star for the way everything was set up.

"Well that's just NOT nice, Bethenny...Beautiful setup. :(" Dorinda Medley wrote on Twitter as the episode was airing and the confrontation was playing out, to which people replied, "what's not nice is Luann not acknowledging Sonya's feelings" and "I think that's enough Dorinda. I believe Bethenny was very sincere and very respectful."

Many people felt that Frankel was right in telling her friend about the picture and the cheating scandal, so de Lesseps could make up her own mind about the relationship. Since Dorinda Medley was the one who set them up, she may have been more critical of the rumors. She was never told about the picture until Luann had learned about it. But Dorinda didn't agree with the way Frankel told Luann in front of the cameras. If that were her, Medley would have shut down the conversation immediately.

"And that should've been where Bethenny stopped… until they were in private," Dorinda added later during the episode, to which people replied, "Luann deserved at least that consideration how much humiliation should one take, sad" and "don't go on a reality show Lu always is so uppity w/ them she needed a reality check Lu needs to go."

To distance herself even more from Frankel, Dorinda Medley revealed that she could never do what Bethenny did when she decided to sit down with Luann to tell her about the cheating scandal and the picture that was very revealing.

"I could never do what Bethenny did…. EVER. Not like that," Medley slammed, saying that she would never tell Luann about the rumors in front of the cameras, adding, "And that's when I would've stopped it and told her not to show me shit," when Bethenny was about to show her the pictures.

Many people assumed that Medley would want to be in denial if John Mahdessian was cheating on her, but she revealed that she just wanted to know in private.

"REALLY?! you wouldn't want to know if you were being cheated on by your fiancé...I don't know if I could not look at it," one person questioned her, to which Dorinda Medley changed her tune a bit, writing, "want to know but come to friends come to me or Lu directly."

According to PEOPLE magazine, the Skinnygirl mogul has revealed that she has no regrets in how she handled the situation and would do the same thing if she had to do it again.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley slamming Bethenny for the way things turned out on last night's episode of The Real Housewives of New York?

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