Spiderbait Fan Describes The Humiliation Of Being Urinated On At A Concert

Spiderbait concerts sometimes take an unexpected turn, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. It seems that fans of the Australian alternative rock band, which currently celebrates its 25th anniversary, get excited at the band’s gigs, and sometimes a little too much.

That’s exactly what happened on February 26 when a 33-year-old woman went to a Spiderbait concert in Melbourne. Belle Nolan, who came to enjoy her favorite band’s show, thought someone spilled their drink on her, but now she probably wishes that was the case. She soon realized that another Spiderbait fan had actually urinated on her. The incident took place at nearly 11 P.M. at the rock band’s concert on Russell Street. In her interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Nolan said she believes that it’s not uncommon for people to urinate on other people during music concerts.

Spiderbait were horrified when they found out what had happened, and took to Facebook and Twitter to appeal to fans to locate the person responsible.

“We are so appalled at this awful and disgusting behaviour and that our valued fan Belle has had to endure at one of our shows, how can this happen? We are dumbfounded!? PLEASE everyone read this story and look at the CCTV photo. Especially Melbourne folk. We would really like to find this offensive, urinating f***stick. Does anyone out there know him? All information is helpful and we do not condone this behaviour.”

Some may argue that concert venues can be so crowded to the point that it can take a long time to get to the bathrooms and that Spiderbait concerts can get so exciting at times that people simply don’t hear the voice of nature. And so it happens that music enthusiasts find themselves in an uncomfortable and awkward position when they cannot simply hold it anymore and can’t move. But from the description of the victim, it doesn’t sound like this was the situation at all.

“At first, I thought someone had spilled their drink on me. Then I realized it was warm. I looked up and saw this guy looking at me, doing up his fly and I realized he had urinated on me.”

Nolan added that she had been shocked and added that multiple witnesses scolded the shameless man. In fact, that urinating man hit another female fan of Spiderbait, and her daughter screamed at him afterward.

“He just smirked and shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal.”

And from that reaction, Nolan realized that such incidents are not uncommon at concert venues. After the incident, Nolan’s friend called security, and one guard took the urinating Spiderbait fan away.

Nolan was also surprised that people at the concert venue looked surprised, but kept watching the gig nonetheless. And while the security guard didn’t take down the urinating Spiderbait fan’s details or call the police, Nolan admitted she felt very “humiliated.”

“I felt really humiliated, I can’t really describe it. I know I haven’t done anything wrong, but I felt really embarrassed about it.”

Nolan added that she had to go through the rest of the night and continue watching Spiderbait’s concert with urine on her leg and shoes until she came home to wash. She also added that she had to throw her shoes out after the incident.

Nolan was also shocked that many people are surprised that she had reported the incident to police. She added that while whipping out a penis in a crowded public place is not seen as a crime, she thinks it is.

Spiderbait is currently celebrating their 25th anniversary, according to Tone Deaf. The Australian alternative rock band was formed in August, 1991, and is the first Australian band to top the Hottest 100 chart with their song “Black Betty.”

Spiderbait felt nostalgic earlier this year and took to Facebook to share a handwritten list of their first 104 performances. The list included every single one of their performances and was interpreted as a tribute to their early days as a band.

Spiderbait is comprised of bass guitarist Janet English, singer-drummer Mark Maher, and guitarist Damian Whitty.

[Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images]