Jill Stein To Cancel All Your Student Loans, One Thing Happens First

Who is Jill Stein, and why does she want to eliminate your student loans? Before she makes it happen, she’s asking one thing of you first.

According to Voice of America, student loans hold more than 43 million United States citizens financially captive.

Many people have begun questioning “going back to school” because — for several Americans ineligible for educational grants — it doesn’t make much sense.

Where’s The Logic, Right?

You want to get out of debt. However, the most advised way to do it is “go back to school,” right?

Upon taking this advice, you accumulate far more debt — student loans you have to pay back while possibly not working in your field of study.

You wanted to work in archaeology, but you ended up taking a managerial position with “X” company for $5 more than you were making before you even acquired the student loans.

So, you acquire more student loans to get a higher degree and make more money — only to pay back an even greater debt.

It’s a revolving door of madness.

Jill Stein Says She Has Your Remedy

According to Voice of America, Jill Stein is a physician from Massachusetts. If anyone knows the burdens of student loan debt, it’s medical professionals, right?

But, how is Stein going to help you cancel yours?

Interestingly enough, Jill is the new “Bernie Sanders.”

A few days ago, the Green Party nominated Jill Stein as their presidential candidate, and she accepted.

Stein holds mostly the same values as Sanders — well, before giving into Democratic bullies and endorsing Hillary.

So, for America, hope lives in the form of Jill Stein.

But first, the American people have to see Stein for themselves. The only way it will happen is if she appears at the presidential debates in September and October. However, that only happens if she receives at least a 15 percent rating in the polls. Right now, Jill Stein’s at three percent.

“Jill, Not Hill!”

This is the phrase her supporters chant. And, like Bernie, Jill Stein’s target audience is the millennial sector with outrageous student loans.

However, from what she says, all student loans would apply.

“Stein wants to abolish that debt through action by the Federal Reserve that would then allow people to spend money in other areas of the economy instead of making loan payments,” reports Voice of America.

Long story short, Jill Stein needs your presidential vote to make this happen.

Here’s The Problem

There are more “stupid,” “ignorant” Americans than there are intelligent and rational Americans.

Look at most Trump supporters. They’re seemingly irrational, hold no facts — and if you come at them with a logical debate — they result to ridicule as a defense.

They’re still going to vote for him no matter what, and he could care less about their student loans — not to mention everything else Jill Stein stands against.

The recent objective has been to keep Donald out of the White House. However, although Jill Stein is a fantastic candidate, many speculate that “a vote for Jill is a vote for Trump.”

While that’s technically not the case, it’s going along the same reasoning Bernie Sanders dropped out. The vote against Trump would be split. Whereas, the vote for Trump would be united.

At this potential risk, many feel that — with Jill Stein’s entry — several people think there’d be too many parties involved, causing Trump to win by default.

These Are The Two Great Weights

Is it worth gambling America’s vote for common sense and splitting the ballot against Donald with Jill Stein? Or should things, for this year, hold fast since Hillary appears to be the winning lead at the moment?

Student loans are a pain — and it’s assuredly not all that Stein stands against — but given the stakes, is it worth the risk?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Brynn Anderson/Alex Brandon/AP Images]