‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Amanda Stanton Engaged, In Danger With Josh Murray?

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have been reported by everyone’s favorite reality-television-show-ruiner, Reality Steve, and many fans of the show have already read about what’s supposedly going to happen at the very end of the current season.

For the most part, fans are really interested in Amanda Stanton’s relationship with Josh Murray. The two seemed to hit it off right away and are still together weeks after filming. Of course, it wasn’t only Reality Steve’s posts that alerted fans to Amanda and Josh’s continued relationship. There have been plenty of photos of the two hanging out over the past couple of weeks, so it’s obvious that their relationship made it out of Mexico.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve claim that Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray got engaged on the show’s finale.

That said, some are wondering if Josh Murray is a good choice for Amanda Stanton. While the two have undeniable chemistry, Josh doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to previous relationships. He was engaged to Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman, and the two had a really difficult time after the show ended. Following their split, Andi wrote a book about Josh (and about her ex and Josh’s Bachelor in Paradise co-star, Nick Viall) and spilled the beans about their crazy relationship.

While the book is Andi’s take on what happened, it doesn’t paint Josh in a very pretty picture. It’s something that other Bachelor in Paradise stars (like Evan) tried to warn Amanda about. Reality Steve was recently asked about his take on how Josh was handling the accusations made in the book, and he seems to suggest that Josh isn’t doing himself any favors nor is he making a good case for himself by saying the book is based on lies.

“Denouncing a whole book as fiction without giving one singular detail as to why it’s fiction is like, ‘Ok great. But why should we listen to you?’ I mean, do you really expect Josh to say, ‘Yep, book is all true. I did all those things Andi said.’ Of course not. But to just lump the whole book as fictional and lies without explaining anything is killing his case. I get that this is his way of handling things, which is 100% his prerogative, but I don’t think he’s convincing anyone he’s innocent of everything,” Reality Steve said.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have only gotten validity due to the aforementioned photos circulating on social media. Check out some of the photos below — you can see that Josh has already met Amanda’s two children (from her previous marriage to Nick Buonfiglio). Amanda’s daughters, Kinsley and Charlie, also met Bachelor star Ben Higgins when Amanda tried to win his heart.

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Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Are Amanda Stanton And Josh Murray Engaged?

Although it has been reported that Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are engaged, there have not been any sightings of a Neil Lane bauble. Of course, that could be the couple’s way of keeping fans guessing, but they don’t really seem to care about who sees them out. As Reality Steve points out in the video above, the two aren’t going to stay cooped up in a house with two young children all day.

Do you think these Bachelor in Paradise spoilers are true? Do you think that Amanda and Josh are engaged? Are they a good match? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Rick Rowell/ABC]