Kendall Jenner And ASAP ‘Reunite’ Amid More News Of Kendall’s ‘Alleged’ Stalker

Is it Kendall and Tyler the Creator, or is it Kendall and ASAP Rocky, or is it someone else? Fans want to know what’s going on in Kendall Jenner’s dating life, but the reality star and supermodel is confusing the issue for all the Jenner watchers. According to Hollywood Life, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who is only just out of her teen years, “just can’t stay away from ASAP Rocky!”

The “inseparable” duo was spotted out sharing a meal together late on August 17 after an evening spent “cruising around” in ASAP’s white Ferrari. As the couple explored West Hollywood, the rapper was all “gentleman” and let Kendall take a turn at the wheel.

It was the first time Kendall, 20, and ASAP, 27, were spotted in public as a couple since Kendall’s date with Tyler the Creator on August 14, and Kylie Jenner’s sister was well-prepared to dazzle Rocky. The model “looked so hot” for her “very late date,” dressed to impress in an outfit that included a pair of “tiny shorts” and a black sleeveless top.

When they got sick of “being blinded” by all the paparazzi cameras, Kendall and ASAP headed out to find some food and ended up meeting with Hailey Baldwin at Swingers Diner in Los Angeles. The Mirror writes that for the midnight snack portion of the evening out with the “boy and BFF,” both Hailey and Kendall covered up the skin that had people trying to catch a glimpse while Jenner was in the car with ASAP. Kendall was hot as ever as she pulled on a pair of white stretchy jeans and an oversize green hooded top, while Hailey went for a similar green hoodie and jogging bottoms.

The years of friendship between Rocky and Jenner only recently turned into something more, and it wasn’t clear for some time that the romance was real. Even now, fans are wondering if Kendall has made a decision. Just a short time ago, she was hanging out with NBA star Jordan Clarkson, 24, and then there’s the whole Kendall and Tyler the Creator dating rumor that sparked when the two were spotted heading out to dinner together and looking affectionate.

Tyler and Jenner both “shot that down,” according to the Daily Mail, and used humor to get the not dating message out to fans. Tyler joked on Twitter that he and Kendall are both gay, so it’s not possible that they would be getting romantic.

An insider said that Kendall was taking some space to just have some fun and wasn’t “taking anything too seriously with anybody.” The relationship with Jordan was described as just a “hookup thing” and no one else, including ASAP, was in the running to be a serious boyfriend.

“She’s not going to settle down with anyone right now.”

It looks like that happy-go-lucky attitude might be changing after Kendall’s night out with ASAP, even though ASAP’s mom is totally against the idea that he and Kendall would start dating seriously. She thinks that Kendall and the other Kardashians and Jenners are bad for her boy!

The “drama” caused by ASAP’s mom contributed to Kendall feeling unsure about dating Rocky, but ASAP calmed her down by telling her how much he loves her. It seems to have worked!

Kendall needs love right now after she came home late to find that there was a stalker waiting for her. The creep followed her through the gate, but Jenner was smart enough to stay in her locked car while she called the cops.

TMZ reports that the Shavaughn McKenzie “has been shadowing Jenner for a long time,” and the night she found him waiting at her house was just one in a series of terrible things he’d done. Before she moved from West L.A. to Hollywood Hills, the creep “camped out” at her condo, chased her car, and made a complete nuisance of herself. On this occasion, he went way too far and started “banging” on her car and window, screaming at her and asking to talk with her.

“Can I talk to you?”

Kendall has a restraining order against McKenzie now, and we have to hope that her romance with ASAP Rocky will help keep her mind off her situation with the stalker.

[Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images]