Area 51 Revelation: Former Government Official Suspects ‘Alien Technology’ Has Been Moved From Secret Base

Area 51, long viewed by conspiracy theorists to be the home of clandestine federal programs and experimental testings, and thought by some to be a collection center for recovered Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and even their occupants, may not operate in such a capacity, according to a former British government official. In fact, due to its infamy and the name itself becoming a pop culture buzzword (buzz-term?) in the past several decades, it is believed that if Area 51 ever housed alien technology at all, it no longer does, and said technology has been removed to some other secret facility.

In a report from Daily Mail on August 17 which focused on the secretive fleet of unmarked 737s that fly back and forth from Las Vegas Airport to Area 51 every day, former British Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope admitted his doubts that any of the testing going on at the top secret Area 51 facility had anything to do with alien technology. Pope readily asserted that the base was primarily used for the building and testing of the US military’s most high-tech equipment and aircraft, but also noted that if Area 51 had ever been a place where UFOs and pieces of alien technology were studied, reverse engineered and/or experimented upon, it no longer exists as such.

“Having been namechecked in movies like “Independence Day,” Area 51 has become part of pop culture and the secret is out, so if there ever was alien technology at Area 51, I suspect it’s been moved to a location we’ve never heard of.”

Nick Pope is correct in that the “secret is out.” It has been out since the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released documents in August, 2013, which CNN reported on at the time, acknowledging that the secret military base existed in Nevada adjacent to the Nevada Test and Training Range and within the boundaries of the Nellis Air Force Base — just where conspiracy theorists always said it had. However, even in its admission, the CIA maintained that Area 51 was not used for anything as imaginative as a holding area or a base for experimenting on aliens and UFOs. It was admitted that advanced aircraft and surveillance systems, like the U-2 spy plane and the OXCART aerial surveillance program, were tested there.

Just a few months later, in December, the Huffington Post reported that the CIA took to their Twitter account and acknowledged that many of the UFO sightings that occurred in the 1950s and 1960s were a result of CIA operations using the high-altitude U-2 spy plane. To give credence to the claim, the Agency linked their Twitter admission to a 1998 report of the history of the U-2 program.

Of course, conspiracy theorists were buying only a portion of the acknowledgment, such as the government finally coming clean on what many had suspected all along — that Area 51 was indeed real and a top secret military testing facility as well. The claim that the base does not or never was home to aliens and UFOs has left many a bit skeptical about the government’s forthrightness, which, admittedly, was never held in the highest regard. Adding the support of a CIA-sponsored history to the admission, a vested interest document only produces the same response as reports from petroleum and coal companies that claim that global warming is not a real phenomenon nor man-made. Besides, as has been noted by the Inquisitr, UFO enthusiasts and researchers continue to post about UFO traffic and other unexplained phenomena occurring at the secret military base.

And yet, even Nick Pope, who famously investigated UFO sightings for the British government from 1991 to 1994, doubts Area 51 may have ever housed aliens, alien technology, or UFOs.

“The UFO and conspiracy theory community think it’s the place where crashed UFOs are kept and where the US military are trying to back-engineer this alien technology,” he told Mail Online Travel, “and even Hillary Clinton has said that if she’s elected President she’ll look into the claims.

“Sadly, despite the rumours, I’ve seen no evidence that we’ve recovered any extraterrestrial technology.”

As for the fleet of unmarked 737 jets that are said to ferry men and equipment to Area 51 on a daily basis, the Mail cited Flight Club, which noted that the destination of the fleet, called “Janet Airlines” due to its call designation in civilian airspace, was referred to as “restricted airspace inside restricted airspace.”

The United States Air Force is said to operate “Janet Airlines” from a private terminal at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas nicknamed Gold Coast, Flight Club asserted. Flight Club also said that call signs like “Janet 210” were altered to designations such as “Bones 58” once flights reached Area 51.

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