'Teen Mom' Star Leah Messer's Ex Jeremy Calvert Goes Off On MTV, Claims The Show Ruined Her Life

Jeremy Calvert is Teen Mom's latest disgruntled cast member.

Calvert, Leah Messer's ex-husband, is now speaking out against MTV's hit reality show. Not only is he claiming that the series doesn't pay enough, but he also believes the show is responsible for his own relationship woes.

Jeremy Calvert slams Leah Messer
Jeremy Calvert [Image via MTV]

According to Radar Online, Calvert blames Teen Mom 2 for causing relationship problems with Brooke Wehr. Earlier reports hinted that Wehr was jealous over her boyfriend's relationship with Messer.

In response to the allegations, Calvert hit back on social media and claims that his girlfriend is not jealous of his baby mama.

"She is far from insecure over my ex so your [sic] way off there," he explained.

Calvert then assured fans that he does plan on exchanging vows with Wehr in the near future.

"I do plan on marrying Brooke... I love her more than anything and so does my daughter so that even means more to me that [sic] words can explain," he stated.

Later, Calvert told fans that he doesn't need to be a part of the reality show any longer and isn't happy with the experience of being a reality star.

"I don't need Teen Mom in my life," he admitted. "I was doing just fine before I knew wtf the show was and truthfully wish I'd never been part of it, the bs has completely ruined my life."

Aside from destroying his life, Calvert also isn't thrilled with the paycheck. In fact, he claims that the money MTV pays him is not "enough to live off."

Calvert isn't the first dad to speak out against the show. Last year, Adam Lind criticized fellow Teen Mom Chelsea Houska for pulling down $250,000 a year and later threatened to leave the show altogether.

"I'm done," he said at the time. "I will [be] milking it out for a free trip to NYC one last time... then I'm out."

As far as Calvert is concerned, his outburst against the series was a little more intense than Linds. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Calvert let loose on the show and fans alike, calling them out for all the rumors about his romance with Wehr. Oh, and he didn't spare any expletives.

"Okay to all u f**k tards from teen mom blast u can suck my d**k," Calvert shared. "So therefore for all u mother F**kers who don't like me IDGAF I truly don't care I speak my mind I cuss, I drink, I'm not perfect by no means but I do know right from wrong and how to respect people that deserve. F**k the rest and f**k u Grammer Nazis."

So far, both MTV and Messer have yet to comment on Calvert's NSFW rant.

Instead, the International Business Times is reporting that Messer has been busy posting about her daughter's recent trip to the dentist.

"Holy cow!! Grace getting two teeth pulled was so unexpected!!" Messer wrote on Instagram. "This momma was sooo nervous for her, but she was sooooo BRAVE! I am so sooo proud of her!!!!"

Messer included an image of her daughter's toothless smile in the post.

leah messer instagram jeremy calvert
Leah Messer and her daughters. [Image via MTV]

For now, it sounds as though Calvert's time on Teen Mom 2 might be at an end. Considering how Calvert's rant slammed MTV and fans alike, there is little chance that producers will want him back. Not to mention that Calvert is clearly done with the show as well.

Production for the new season of Teen Mom 2 is currently underway. MTV has yet to confirm anyone's involvement in the new season or announce its official premiere date.

Season 8 of Teen Mom 2 is expected to hit MTV sometime next year.

Tell us! Do you think Teen Mom is positive or negative for the stars of the show? Check out some of the highlights below and let us know in the comments.

[Image via MTV]