New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Suggests Cersei And Jaime Are Not Lannisters [Video]

Does this Game of Thrones theory hold up? Are Cersei and Jaime from another family, rather than being the proud Lannisters they say they are? The Last Harpy on YouTube suggests a theory that isn’t completely impossible.

Caution: If you haven’t read the books or watched Game of Thrones Season 6, this will contain some serious spoilers. You have been warned.

It would seem like everyone is a secret Targaryen now, so this theory may seem a little far-fetched and boring, but there are clues in earlier tales that suggests it could be true. The owner of the video does make it clear that he doesn’t completely believe it, but he wanted to share it with others to make it clear that it is possible.

Could Cersei and Jaime really be Targaryens? Are they really the twins of Mad King Aerys? This Game of Thrones theory is rooted in the knowledge that Aerys was in love with Joanna Lannister before she married Tywin. In fact, Aerys often belittled Tywin because of his jealousy over Tywin winning Joanna’s heart.

There is even the knowledge that Aerys and Joanna had some interaction before her wedding night. The books go into the fact that the two were involved in undisclosed sexual activity, which suggests that Johanna could have fallen pregnant by the king instead of her new husband. The timing of the birth of Cersei and Jaime certainly makes this Game of Thrones theory even more plausible.

The Targaryen line was an incestuous one. Brothers and sisters would marry to keep the line pure, and fans can’t help but see the symmetry in that with the Lannister twins. The two are in an incestuous relationship, and Jaime has considered marrying his sister. After all the Targaryens did it, so why couldn’t they?

If this theory works out to be true, there is some irony in the storyline. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time there has been irony in Game of Thrones. The main bit is that Cersei has always been so proud of being a lioness. She made it clear to Jaime that they weren’t Targaryens, so they couldn’t marry. Jaime has also held pride in being a Lannister, much more than his younger brother Tyrion.

The Last Harpy goes on in the Game of Thrones video to say that Cersei and Jaime also share some similar traits of Aerys. They are extremely emotional and work by their emotions. While Cersei does have some calculative moments, she is willing to burn innocents alive to get what she wants: power. She is now the Queen of Westeros, and anything is possible. Cersei and Aerys also have the similarity of using wildfire.

This is very different to Tyrion. While he has always been considered to be the third head of the dragon — after Daenerys and Jon — he is very calm and cunning like Tywin Lannister. He is able to lead men and plan ahead, much more than either of his twin siblings.

Does this Game of Thrones theory hold any weight? It is a relatively new one that not all people watching the video agree with. However, some had wondered about it for a while and found that many people laughed in their faces.

The video has been watched more than 200,000 times and has only been up for a week. It looks like people want to believe that there is something off about Cersei and Jaime, but is being secret Targaryens really the answer? Right now, it looks like everyone could be a secret Targaryen. It would be interesting to see if Daenerys would have to fight her own half-sister, rather than fighting a “pretender” of the Iron Throne.

What do you think about this Game of Thrones theory? Could Cersei and Jaime actually be secret Targaryens after all this time?

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