Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Moving Into Mansion, Mill Instagrams ATV Pic In Driveway

In the “ups and downs” of their relationship, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill still find a lot to be happy about. These days, Nicki, 33, and Meek, 29, are having a blast settling into their new Beverly Hills mansion, and they “appear to be stronger than ever” now that they have a little place to call home.

Minaj’s net worth, rumored to be in the range of $77 million according to, is more than enough to front the cost of their new home, and Nicki seems to be totally cool with taking sole responsibility for the lease. TMZ says that Minaj is the only one who signed the lease, and that could be connected to Meek’s recent trouble with the law. They’d planned to buy property in L.A. a while back, but that got “screwed up” after Mill’s house arrest for probation violation.

The “boss” mansion is costing the singer a few bucks, too. According to the Daily Mail, rent is “an eye-watering” $30,000 a month for the new digs. Wow. That’s pile of money for the on-again-off-again couple to “drop” on their new “crib.” One fan tweeted that Meek and Nicki are crazy to be renting instead of buying, especially for an amount of money that would practically buy a house in some parts of the country.

It’s a big crib, with lots of space for Mill to wander around if he has any more house arrest problems, and plenty of places for overnight guests. With over 11,000 square feet of luxury, Meek shouldn’t get bored too quickly if he has to stick around home.

There are nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms, “views of the luscious greenery” from the dining room, and a “perfect for dinner parties” kitchen that includes a stainless steel island. Walking around the mansion inside and outside, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the “impressive view over the valley below,” and the huge lawn could easily be the setting for a pool and barbecue party.

Nicki and Meek’s friends can drive themselves without working about parking spaces in the car heavy Hills neighborhood. There’s a “sprawling driveway” for any wheels that won’t fit in the five car garage. Guests might have to work around Meek’s collection when they’re parking though. The Meek Mill Instagram account is full of pics showing of Mill’s wheels.

Skinny nigga in a bent truck! ????

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Meek went to Instagram to post a pic of himself in front of “what is believed to be the property,” showing off one of his ATVs, and he’s already got a few of his collection set up in the driveway. A fan wrote on Twitter that Meek is cute, posing at the home he shares with Nicki, and added some hearts to the tweet to show how happy she was with the news.

With all that “light and airy” space to chill in, maybe Nicki and Meek’s “roller coaster of a relationship” can chill too, and they can settle into something steadier than the ride they’ve had so far. With luck, all the back-to-back rumors that they are engaged, then split up, then back together again will finally stop and Minaj and Mill will finally get married.

The last definite Nicki Minaj news concerning Meek was “back at the tail end of June” when the the Super Bass singer posted a snap of the two of them looking very affectionate together. The Anaconda singer posted some photos on her Nicki Minaj Instagram account that “made it clear” Nicki and Meek were on again as a couple. The Instagram pics showed Minaj and Mill hugging during a recording session at a studio.


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What do you think? Will the new Beverly Hills mansion help Nicki and Meek to fix their relationship and stop the cycle of breaking up and getting back together again?

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