Half-Naked Mom Unleashes Racist Tirade At Black Neighbors: ‘Go Back To Africa’

A video showing a half-naked Tallahassee mother launching a racist rant at her black neighbors has gone viral on social media.

In the video, the mom, who is yet to be identified, can be heard screaming at black teens on a residential street, even going so far as to tell them to “go back to Africa.” As reported by Mirror, the woman appears to have turned on the group after they made a disparaging comment about her body, describing it as “hanging low.”

The tirade took a weirder turn as the woman, who appears to be drunk, went on a rant about late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

The racist rants by the Tallahassee mum was recorded on camera by one of the recipients of the verbal attacks. The video was posted on YouTube.

According to the New York Daily News, the YouTube footage was taken back in March.

“You should have stayed in Africa, and you can go back there. It’s free. You can go back to Africa if you want to and you can take your Washington and Jefferson last names,” screamed the bikini-clad woman.

The person behind the camera then cautioned his companions to “Don’t say nothing else.” Feeling slighted by the response, the woman intensified her verbal assault as he berated the black teens while throwing her hands around and pointing her cigarette at them.

After threatening that “we’re going to take over these neighborhoods,” the woman suddenly talked about Martin Luther King Jr., screaming, “Martin Luther was a slut who was f**king white people. Martin Luther was f**king white people the day he died!”

While this was going on, a young woman, presumably to be the enraged mother’s daughter, can be seen calling someone on her smartphone. Alarmed at how quickly the situation has escalated, she finally grabbed the drunk woman and begged her to stop.

“Can you stop? Can you just stop, please?” the young woman implored.

Another teen is then heard saying, “It’s ridiculous that your own child has to tell you to stop.”

Some of the comments posted on the video were not sympathetic towards those who recorded the video. A certain YouTube user, who goes by the name “John Doe” in the site, pointed out how the video started with a black man “talking about the white female’s boobs hanging low” and then playing the victim after the woman turned on them for their offensive remarks.

“The video starts with a male n****r talking about the white female’s boobs hanging low then the dumb she-boon recording thinking that she is recording some sort of smoking gun evidence of her mythological victimhood.”

Another user who goes by the name “jbizzybrown” posted a remark saying “the most uneducated are the most racist,” to which a certain “Gregory Smith” replied with, “How do you know the white woman is uneducated? For her accent? Maybe she has a PhD. A southern accent isn’t a sign of ignorance. Furthermore, while I don’t condone her racism, I understand it, she was angry, they where making fun of her, she had to hit back where it hurts.”

Many other users in the comments section justified the drunk woman’s racist tirade.

“So BLM shows up in front of this white lady’s house, starts talking s**t to the lady, and then post the video to show how evil white folks are, who refuse to stand there and be harassed by racist black scumbags. Get the f outa here with that nonsense. Arrest the off camera terrorists.,” wrote YouTube user “Hey Joe.”

“Sungodv” also pointed out how drinking alcohol always brings out the worst in people.

“Unfortunately, racism is just human nature… drinking always brings the worst out in people,” he wrote.

It’s not clear yet whether the confrontation has been reported to the police.

[Image via AJ Fuller/YouTube]