Amy Schumer's New Book Gets Fake Amazon 1-Star Reviews -- Redditor Claims Amy Stole Material

Paula Mooney

Amy Schumer is creating buzz because her new memoir is receiving online abuse. It's not the first time that Amy has gotten backlash online due to claims that she has stolen jokes from other comedians, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Warning: The following video titled "Amy Schumer is a joke thief" might be disturbing to some viewers.

However, Amy's book is currently the source of a battle of Amazon reviews, with some folks giving Schumer's book one-star reviews, while others battle it out with the naysayers and give Amy five-star reviews.

In the above video, Schumer can be seen in Jersey City, New Jersey. Amy spoke with Access Hollywood to reveal the contents of her book and discussed the hardest part of the writing process.

No matter what, Amy hoped that her readers would have a good experience reading the book, feel better, and laugh while enjoying her collection of essays.

Schumer also noted that everyone who appears with their real names in the book got an opportunity to read it first and decide if they wanted portions taken out -- or if they wanted to write a response to what Amy wrote. Instead, Amy says they were all cool with her book.

Being in an abusive relationship was the hardest part Schumer had to relive while writing her memoir, which makes it all the more ironic that Schumer's tome is receiving abusive comments by some folks on Amazon.

According to the New York Post, Amy called her movie Trainwreck a love letter to her father while promoting her book. Schumer revealed in her book that the movie represented a way to eulogize her dad while he was still alive and thank him for his humorous way of living and things he taught her growing up. Amy also thought that the movie was a great way to shed light on illnesses that folks might not often speak of or know much about.

As reported by Newser, though, Schumer's book has drawn the wrath of some people who targeted the book with fake Amazon reviews after likely not having read The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.

According to Amazon, the book is 336 pages and was published on August 16. The book's Amazon Best Sellers Rank is currently sitting pretty high at No. 20 of the Paid in Kindle Store books and is enjoying certain wonderful online reviews that call the book a collection of brave and vulnerable tales that are also funny.

However, with 135 customer reviews on Amazon that average out to 2.9 stars out of 5 possible stars, Amazon customers might wonder what's going on.

The melee can be traced to a subreddit that once again charges Amy with stealing content. Reddit user Fat_People_Hydra wrote that Amy's book steals from another book.

"From what I've read so far in her book, it seems like she's ripping off yet another... oh right, MY own book, Maid Not For You. Google the book site for it, and you might be amazed (I'm not able to put in the link on here). There's a bit of history between myself and Twitter and Amy Schumer."

As such, fake one-star reviews are being left on the Amazon page of Amy's book, as reported by the Week.

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