‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paulie Convinced He Has Magical Ticket To Safety, Nicole Breaks Down, Natalie Says Nicole Mocked Her

Big Brother 18 live feeds on August 17 and 18 featured houseguests behaving mostly cool, calm, and collected, as they discussed various scenarios that could take place during Thursday’s live eviction episode. As such, Paulie seemed certain he will walk back into the house if evicted, Nicole broke down over Corey’s possible exit, and Natalie revealed she is sure Nicole mocked her surreptitiously when the cameras were down.

At around 12:23 a.m. Big Brother 18 house time, Paulie, Nicole, and Corey were observed on CBS All Access live feeds discussing the game in the house’s safari room. As they spoke, the feeds went down briefly, but when they returned, Paulie could be heard saying, “It’s alright, I’m going to have the round trip ticket.” Paulie added, he would play hard to gain the Head of Household (HOH) designation upon his triumphant return.

During this conversation, Paulie was referring to the elusive, yet magical, round-trip ticket that one player now has in his or her possession (all other tickets are useless, as they are one-way tickets to jury). The tickets are contained in sealed envelopes that have been numbered and were obtained by each houseguest from the secret room in the Big Brother 18 house several weeks ago. Cast members were informed that this particular twist would end this week, even if the round trip ticket remains unused, and if any ticket envelopes are tampered with or opened, they are void.

Paulie continued fantasizing about his return, noting, “I will be going hard for the HOH. Like, I will be going hard and I will talk the most s***.” He then reiterated, “I will go hard, I will be like ‘Vic [Victor], you’re going up. Paul, you’re going up.” Corey seemed pleased at what Paulie was expressing, but laughed a bit uncomfortably at his words.

Predictably, Paulie was not done describing this Big Brother 18 revenge scenario and stated he would also say, “Vic you’re going up just because you’re a competition beast, and since competition beasts are getting called out, I’m calling you out. Oh, and you sent me out the door so let’s call this even… even… now we’re even.”

Then Paulie told Nicole and Corey the verbiage he would direct toward Paul would include, “…If I can’t get him, I’ve got to get you because you threw me under the bus to everybody and you’re a, you know, a little manipulative snake.” Paulie thought for a minute and revised his comment to Paul with, “Or weasel might be the better word… a little manipulative weasel.”

Paulie went on to theorize that if either Victor or Paul is able to garner safety from the chopping block, he would nominate James as a replacement. He revealed to Nicole and Corey he would blame James for starting this “whole thing,” presumably meaning the house flip against Paulie.

But, Paulie was not done yet, as he had more he would theoretically say to Victor, seemingly wanting to mock Victor’s competition wins in his “speech tomorrow.” He said, “You know Vic, congratulations on your five wins in the house. It’s unfortunate nobody counts the three Battle Back ones like you do.”

Paulie was referring to Victor returning to the house by winning the Battle Back competition following his eviction from the Big Brother 18 game due primarily to Paulie’s efforts. Paulie went on to say he would note in his speech, “I never thought that a crap shoot veto that requires no skill would be the one that you actually beat me at.”

When asked by Nicole what he will say if he does leave, Paulie thankfully said he will go out classy.

Michelle joined the conversation sans Nicole at around 1:09 a.m., and Paulie asked her who she thinks has the round trip ticket, and she proclaimed that she does. He then suggested that the anticipation about who holds the round trip ticket could be set aside if everyone opened their sealed envelopes, which Michelle roundly rejected.

Paulie argued the tickets are void after Thursday, but Michelle asked him what would happen if Big Brother decided to extend the ticket twist, or this week is a surprise double eviction. Paulie agreed that a possible double eviction is good reason not to void a ticket, but disagreed the entire twist would be extended. Whatever the case, he did not convince Michelle to open her envelope.

At around 6:28 p.m. Wednesday, Nicole seemed to breaking down in the kitchen area at the thought of Corey, who is on the eviction block next to Paulie, being sent to jury Thursday. According to Joker’s Updates, Nicole was crying, saying she would be infuriated if Corey was booted.

Trying to give her hope, Corey could be heard on live feeds whispering to her, “The house would be so stupid to keep Paulie.” Nevertheless, Nicole began pacing the kitchen, saying, “Seriously, I just want to bawl right now… I just want to start a temper tantrum right now, I want to be… like… four.”

In yet another conversation early Thursday morning at around 1 a.m. on CBS All Access live feeds, Natalie could be seen laying in bed in the London room conversing with Victor and Paul about how others have been less than kind to her during the game. She noted that she only received the first care package because the whole house was cruel to her, adding as she laughed, “I’ll take it.”

Natalie also identified one of the players she believes has been mean to her, namely Nicole. Natalie said when the live feeds were down during a party thrown by Big Brother for the houseguests, “Nicole made fun of me… Michelle told me that Nicole made fun of me when the cameras were off when we had that party. She ran in the bathroom impersonating me twirling my hair talking to Corey…”

On live feeds, Natalie went on to say she was surprised by this, since she’s never made fun of Nicole, adding her thoughts about Nicole’s presumed action, noting, “…you are going to play me out when the cameras are off.”

Natalie further proclaimed she wants nothing to do with Corey, Nicole’s showmance partner, proclaiming he is not her “cup of tea” and that she needs “a man with substance” that she can have “real conversations with.”

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