‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Ends After Season 4: No New Episodes Will Be Made Confirms Amy Schumer

Comedy sketch show Inside Amy Schumer is to end after four seasons, the show’s main star Amy Schumer has confirmed. Inside Amy Schumer Season 4 aired in June 2016. Whilst Comedy Central renewed the show for a fifth season in January, Schumer herself has now confirmed that no new episodes will be made. Whilst there’s still no official confirmation from Comedy Central, it’s a certainty that the show wouldn’t go ahead without Schumer.

According to Digital Spy, Schumer’s comments come following a controversy earlier this week, with one of the show’s writers causing something of an online storm over his comments on rape. Kurt Metzger faced calls to be fired as a writer on Schumer’s shows, with many of those calls directed at Schumer herself.

Schumer used Twitter to express her disappointment in Metzger over his comments, but in response to calls for him to be fired, Schumer went on to say that wouldn’t happen, suggesting the show has now finished. “I didn’t fire Kurt,” she said. “He isn’t a writer for my show because we aren’t making the show anymore. There are no writers for it.” In just one tweet, Schumer’s much-loved award-winning show appears to be over.

The news that no new episodes are being made is particularly surprising because as aforementioned, Comedy Central renewed the sketch show for a fifth season in January this year. That being said, there’s a possibility that Schumer has already written and filmed episodes for that fifth season, set to air next year. However, the comedian’s comments seemed to suggest that the show has now finished full stop. We’ll likely have official confirmation from Comedy Central about the show in the near future and whether or not we’ll see one more season.

Adding further fuel to speculation that Inside Amy Schumer is over, the star retweeted a fan’s message on Twitter saying “you’re the best, and we’ll miss your show.” It remains pretty unlikely that Schumer would retweet such a comment if she was mistaken in her original words.


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Following the comments, Metzger shared a lengthy post to his Facebook page, denying that he was a “rape apologist” and appearing to retract his comments. However, according to the Guardian, it’s Schumer herself that’s faced a backlash for her passive response to his comments. Schumer is, of course, a very vocal feminist, with many therefore expecting the comedian to take a stronger stance towards her writer’s comments.

Inside Amy Schumer premiered in 2013, receiving widespread critical acclaim as one of the best comedy sketch shows on television. Created and hosted by comedian Amy Schumer, the series has received a Peabody Award, along with being nominated for eight Primetime Emmy Awards, of which it has won two.

The show is similarly well known for the number of high-profile guest stars that have made an appearance alongside Schumer, with some of the most prominent including Julianne Moore, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Tina Fey. With that in mind, Inside Amy Schumer has expectedly been one of Comedy Central’s most successful shows. Because of that success, Comedy Central has aired the show on a number of their international stations across the globe.

Whether or not the comedy sketch show will return for a fifth season next year remains to be seen. However, Amy Schumer has definitely confirmed the show is coming to an end sooner or later.

[Image via Comedy Central]