Zakiyah Everette Not Ruling Out Romance With Paulie Calafiore Outside Of The ‘Big Brother’ House

Zakiyah Everette thinks her romance with Paulie Calafiore has a chance outside of the Big Brother game. In an interview with Us Weekly, Zakiyah said she thinks Paulie’s game had a lot to do with their up-and-down relationship, and that she thinks things could be very different once the summertime reality show is over.

“Outside of the house I think he has potential,” Everette said of her showmance. “You never know what can happen.”

“With every action with Paulie, I feel like it was simply strategic. I had a roller coaster with Paulie in the house, but I think the game had a lot to do with it.”

Everette went on to say that she doesn’t completely trust some of the things fellow Big Brother player Natalie Negrotti told her about Calafiore. Indeed, Natalie caused drama when she told Zakiyah that her Big Brother boyfriend had been flirting with her behind her back. Everette said Natalie picked a suspicious time to talk to her about how Paulie treated the other women in the house.

“I was clearly upset by the things that Natalie was telling me,” Zakiyah told Us. “I believed a lot of it, but the timing was suspect. I think she had ulterior motives telling me then.”

Zakiyah Everette and Paulie Calafiore aren’t the only showmance in this season’s Big Brother house. Natalie has paired up with James Huling, while returning player Nicole Franzel has hooked up with Corey Brooks. Everette predicts that one of those couples will make it, while another won’t.

“I think Nicole and Corey will make it far,” Zakiyah said. “James and Natalie won’t. Nicole and Corey are low-key, and they stay out of the radar. Natalie and James cause issues. I have the most respect for Nicole and Corey. They actually keep their word.”

Zakiyah Everette may change her mind about a future with Paulie after she watches the entire Big Brother season. While things started out cute between them, with lots of canoodling and cuddling, Calafiore changed his tune about Everette when he started to see a clingy side of her.

“Zakiyah and I have a good relationship in this house,” Paulie said earlier this season. “However…I feel like I can’t breathe. She has a jealous side to her. She definitely gets insecure. There’s trouble in paradise.”

Calafiore later said Everette, 24, was acting like a girl and not a woman.

“I don’t deal with girls. I deal with women,” he said.

Zakiyah definitely noticed her guy’s more distant attitude and decided to focus more on her game. So when Paulie won the Power of Veto and went back on his word to pull Zakiyah from the block, she understood that it was part of his strategy.

But what Zakiyah hasn’t seen is how Paulie has been talking about their hookups since she exited the Big Brother house. Some live feed watchers are shocked by the way Calafiore has been talking about his relationship with Zakiyah Everette. After fellow houseguest Michelle Meyer told Paulie that Zakiyah said she was just using him as strategy, Paulie told everyone in the room that he and Everette had sex in the Tokyo room. He then started talking about how many times they had unprotected sex, but said that he refused to kiss her on camera.

Zakiyah Everette won’t be able to see or read about his comments about her until after the Big Brother season wraps next month because she is currently sequestered in the jury house.

Big Brother host Julie Chen has a definite opinion on whether or not Zakiyah and Calafiore will make it outside of the BB game. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chen said this season’s couples have not been as loyal to one another as past showmances were.

“They’re not real, full [romances],” Julie told ET. “if they had a real showmance, then you probably would have a level of loyalty where it’s like, no matter what, I’ve got this person’s back.”

“I just don’t see Zakiyah and Paulie having much more than a friendship outside of [the house. I think they’re having, you know, a fine time together during the summer, but nothing of substance lasting beyond.”

Zakiyah Everette previously told ET that she wanted more than a showmance and that she was looking for a long-lasting relationship. It’s pretty clear she didn’t find that with Paulie, so she may want to chalk that relationship up to a short-lived summer romance.

Take a look at the video below to see Zakiyah Everette finding out her man was flirting with the other women in the Big Brother house.

[Image: Big Brother Daily Instagram]