WWE News: Dean Ambrose Has Major Backstage Heat After Interview On ‘Stone Cold Podcast’

WWE has put a lot of faith into Dean Ambrose over the past few months. At WWE Money in the Bank, he became the WWE Champion in the surprise of the year thus far in the main event scene. The powers that be gave Ambrose the most important title in the company through the WWE Draft, the brand extension, and into the second biggest show of the year at WWE Summerslam this Sunday.

The Lunatic Fringe took the WWE title to SmackDown through all of that, and WWE officials have more or less made Ambrose the face of the brand. At WWE Summerslam, he’ll be defending the WWE title against Dolph Ziggler in what is expected to be a great match after a fantastic build between the two men.

However, there is some speculation going around that Dean Ambrose may not walk out of Sunday’s event the WWE Champion. Ziggler has been building a lot of momentum to become champion, and his recent interview on the “Stone Cold Podcast” may have given WWE another reason to take the title off Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose Appears on the Stone Cold Podcast
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After Raw last week, WWE debuted the latest edition of the “Stone Cold Podcast” on the WWE Network as Stone Cold interviewed Dean Ambrose in a unique episode of the show. Ambrose and Austin had a strange chemistry, but the former revealed a lot about himself and gave his opinion on many things WWE.

What really has caught the attention of most people within the WWE Universe were his thoughts on Brock Lesnar and the match they had together at Wrestlemania 32, which has been considered a disappointment by the majority of people. Ambrose blamed Lesnar and called him “lazy,” which ruffled some feathers.

However, there is a lot of speculation about Dean Ambrose’s status with some of the top men in WWE after some of the things he said about WWE Creative and the powers that be in WWE. For example, Dean spoke highly about his relationship with Vince McMahon, but that may have put him in some hot water backstage.

According to a report from Wrestling Inc, there is said to be some major heat on Dean Ambrose backstage right now after some of his comments on the “Stone Cold Podcast.” Unfortunately for him, that’s not exactly a good thing heading into a title defense that was already a prime spot for a title change for SmackDown.

Apparently, the heat on Ambrose wasn’t caused by any of his answers to Austin’s questions or for some of the awkward moments during the interview. Instead, there is some heat on Ambrose for his negativity on WWE’s creative team because that means he was speaking negatively about Triple H and Vince McMahon.

WWE officials are said to be unhappy about Ambrose’s comments on Brock Lesnar because he used Austin’s forum to push all the responsibility for his Wrestlemania 32 match with Brock onto his opponent for “not wanting to do anything.” The general feeling is Dean was beating a dead horse and was not helping Lesnar’s reputation improve amidst all the issues he’s currently having with UFC and the USADA.

Dean Ambrose Will Defend the WWE Championship Against Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam
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Dean Ambrose is walking into WWE Summerslam to defend the WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler in what is expected to be a great match on a stacked card from top to bottom, but there is a lot of speculation that Ambrose won’t walk out the WWE Champion if the recent backstage heat on him is bad enough.

Ziggler winning the WWE title at WWE Summerslam on Sunday was already a possibility, but the heat on Ambrose may force the powers that be to make the title change as a punishment for Dean. That may be seen as extreme punishment since Dean Ambrose is still the face of SmackDown and there is no way to know for sure that the title change wasn’t the original plan going into the match before Austin interviewed Ambrose.

WWE officials just may not have been expecting Dean Ambrose to go off on Lesnar, or WWE Creative the way he did, but Stone Cold also pushed Dean to up the intensity of the interview when things seemed to be awkward between the two men. It’s not like he said those things on SmackDown or WWE television, but this may serve as a strong warning if Ambrose is able to leave New York with the WWE title on Sunday.

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