Ellen DeGeneres Now Offering Daily Justin Bieber Instagrams After His Instagram Delete Party

Oh, the drama. What do you get when you put two famous 20-something exes together on social media? Drama. This is exactly what happened this week when Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram account.

A wailed gasp was heard all across the land by Instragramming, teeny-bopping, 20-somethings everywhere. But alas, never say never if you are a Justin Bieber fan, remember. Cue Ellen DeGeneres, a long-time Belieber, and now super hero to the Beliebers, to the rescue.

What led to this? Justin Bieber once had a girlfriend named Selena Gomez. Justin Bieber no longer has a girlfriend named Selena Gomez. CNN reports that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had a public and ugly row on social media this week.

But the relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is no simple one. They have a long history. And so do Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Bieber.

She’s always seemed to have a little soft spot for him. But, being Ellen, she’s not afraid to tell it like it is with him, either. That’s what good friends do, don’t they?

In this video here, from only nine months ago, Ellen DeGeneres talks to Justin about Selena, and, about the three songs on his recent album that he says were influenced by Selena. She’s not afraid to be real with Justin either, or call him out as you can see here.

She also got it out of him that he thinks he still has a shot with Selena, given their history.

That may not be the case after this week. But watch what he tells Ellen here, and how she calls him out.

Fast forward nine months to this week. Justin Bieber has a different girlfriend now, named Sofia Richie, who is also the daughter of pop icon Lionel Richie.

Or at least let’s call her a close personal friend that Justin Bieber has been seen with “in recent weeks” according to all of the outlets reporting this story. The Twittersphere estimates the length of the relationship between Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber is approximately 25 minutes.

Many Bieber fans are quite enraged Justin deleted an Instagram account, actively followed by millions of fans, 77 million by most reports, over a girl he has known for 25 minutes, by their estimation. A lot of fans loved the Selena Justin thing, and it seems even Justin did.

This week, Justin posted a picture to Instagram of the girl Twitter believes he has known for five minutes. Cue the ex-girlfriend.

Selena Gomez commented on Justin’s Instagram account. And that’s when the cat fight hit the fan. Justin got a little snarky.

As mentioned, Justin’s entire Instagram account of 70 million happy faces and heart emojis disappeared in an instant. As did his snarky comments. Reports circulating about the online feud say the online conversation can be easily summarized.

Selena Gomez makes a snarky comment about Justin’s new girlfriend, with the passive-aggressive heart-shaped smiley face to finish the snarky comment, in her efforts to not look like a completely jealous superstar super-ex. Justin doesn’t buy it, then accuses Selena Gomez of “using him for fame” with a little bit of a “you cheated, remember him?” zings included.

Selena Gomez shoots back with, “no you cheated first, remember I can’t remember all of their names zing?” Oh, and then it got even uglier, but it wasn’t just drama with Selena Gomez anymore.

Fans of Justin Bieber did not like this exchange about their number one reportedly cheating, or being accused of it. Justin Bieber got some serious hate mail via Instagram. The cheating thing was news to everyone. Nobody ever really knew what happened to cause the infamous split, or didn’t happen, allegedly. Nobody knew or had a hint of it until now.

At first, as the drama first unfolded, Justin Bieber only threatened to make his Instagram private. Sounds extreme, and kind of a no-no for celebrities, since there are other options when running into unwanted drama on social media.

Selena was only too quick to chime in with, “don’t be mad at the fans, they love you” reports Glamour Magazine. Bieber responded, “It’s funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way. Sad. All love.”

Then the hammer came down, and he shut that party down with the click of a delete button. Suddenly, the Justin Bieber Instagram account was nowhere to be found. Many people were not happy as the hashtag #JustinDeactivatedParty began to trend.

Later, Glamour Magazine reports Selena Gomez took to Snapchat to apologize, in her efforts to come out of this situation with at least the perception that she was the bigger person. Gomez said that the things that she said were “selfish and pointless” and the online war seems to have ended.

But the fans, you can not leave it there for the fans. The hashtag #JustinDeactivatedParty is still hitting the Twitter waves, and many are wondering where he is now.

Cue the superhero to the rescue, for any Beliebers that may be left. Ellen DeGeneres, seeing the struggling pop star begin to falter, and, sad Beliebers everywhere, picked up on the hashtag trending and began to show some love to her friend, and her fans who may also be Beliebers.

Now, if you are an Ellen fan, you can get your Justin Bieber photo of the day. She won’t let you down. Yesterday was the first photo as, belieb it or not, this all only happened yesterday.

And now for your daily photo of Justin Bieber.

A photo posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

Yesterday’s photo was #BieberInParadise, today was a photo of Justin on a boat. Never say never if you are a fan of either Justin Bieber or Ellen DeGeneres. What was your take on all of this drama?

That’s a lot of anger and passion for people that say they don’t care about each other anymore. One thing is for sure. Only Justin Bieber can make headlines about a social media thing that doesn’t even exist anymore. Is there any shot left for this pair? Do you think that cheating is the reason this famous couple split?

[Photo by Kevin Mazure/Getty Images]