‘Southern Charm’ News: Kathryn Dennis Afraid Show Will Fire Her

Kathryn Dennis has been through a lot over the years, and now it turns out that she is afraid that she will end up getting fired from Southern Charm. Kathryn doesn’t work besides the show, so this money is really important to her. So far, the show hasn’t even been officially renewed, but Kathryn doesn’t want to take any chances. All About the Tea revealed that Kathryn is really nervous and wants to make sure that she can stay on the show. She is back in Charleston now, but at this time, Kathryn still doesn’t have custody of her kids back yet.

Kathryn Dennis actually spent some time in California over the summer. This was so she could get treatment for addiction issues. She ended up leaving the facility and heading back home. Kathryn seems to have left with a guy, but it is unknown who he is or where they met at, but she did share a picture of him on her Instagram but has deleted it since then. Kathryn Dennis does have a habit of taking things down off her social networks. Right now, her kids have been with their father, Thomas Ravenel, and he is staying busy with them. Kathryn can’t even have her kids unless her parents are around to supervise the visit. If Kathryn is spending time with them, then she isn’t sharing it on her social networks. It looks like Thomas is getting really close with their two children.

A source is speaking out and says that Kathryn Dennis is really worried about something, and it isn’t her custody issues. The source said Kathryn is actually more worried about the fact that Bravo might not hire her back on the show again than about trying to get custody of her children back from Thomas. This is her main focus right now, and she has to make sure it doesn’t happen.

It has already been revealed that Thomas Ravenel was willing to pay for Kathryn Dennis to go to rehab if she wanted to do it. She did go for treatment, but she skipped out early. This could look really bad on Kathryn when they go back to court and try to figure out the finalized custody for their children. If she is working on getting clean, Kathryn might be able to get the judge to be more willing to let her have her kids without her parents around or at least more than she has them now.

As Starcasm shared, Kathryn Dennis failed a drug test, and this is what forced her into only getting to see her children if it was a supervised visit. They both took drug tests, but Kathryn was the only one who failed. Everything came back clean on Thomas, but Kathryn tested positive for marijuana, cocaine, and opiates. The court checked her hair, blood, and urine. Kathryn is saying that Thomas cheated on his drug test, but she doesn’t have any kind of proof. This was all brought up on the reunion, but of course, Kathryn Dennis got really upset when they started to talk about it all. When Kathryn and Thomas first went to court, the records were public record, but they were somehow able to get their last time in court sealed so that the media and fans couldn’t find out exactly what happened.

Do you think that Kathryn Dennis could end up getting fired by Bravo? Do you think that the show could easily go on without the drama that Kathryn brings? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Fans are hoping that news will come out soon that Southern Charm is coming back for another season.

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