‘Destiny: Rise Of Iron’: Bungie Explains Reasoning Behind Private Matchmaking Finally Being Added

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be hitting consoles next month, and Bungie is adding exciting features.

If you’re into PvP, the competitive aspect of Destiny where players go head to head for bragging rights and other benefits, then Bungie has you in mind. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Destiny has been revealed to be bringing a private matchmaking mode to PvP. This has been a fan desire aspect for quite some time now, and Bungie is finally answering the prayers of those who want to have such a showdown.

Usually, Destiny matchmaking would consist of a team of up to six players entering the fray. There was no way to customize it to where teams or individual players would run into each other intentionally. Instead, players had to queue into the PvP aspect of the game and hope that they would run into each other. With every update that Bungie desired, the same question was asked through social media and various other avenues: “Where’s the private matchmaking?”

According to a report by Polygon, executive producer Scott Taylor weighed in on the private matchmaking feature and why they decided to implement it.

“You always look for, especially with an expansion like this, the entire package and how the features will complement each other,” Taylor stated to Polygon during GamesCom 2016. “The game was in a really good place with leveling and the Infusion fix (that made boosting weapon and armor stats simpler). It seemed like a good time to work on this feature.”

Bungie is certainly aiming to hit all points with the new expansion. Rise of Iron is arguably the most anticipated of the DLC that has been scheduled for release in Destiny, and the developers are aiming to make this final addition a good one before we see Destiny 2.

With private matchmaking, players will be able to design their own Crucible matches. This may range from the rules of any given match, how it’s to be played out, and ultimately how the flow of combat will go.

Taylor continued in his explanation, namely addressing why Bungie waited until now to incorporate private matchmaking into Destiny with Rise of Iron being the last expansion until Destiny 2.

“For us, it’s looking for opportunities to do these things,” Taylor had to say. “You want to do them when it’s really impactful. We looked at Rise of Iron having Saladin, the vendor who runs the recurring, intensive Iron Banner Crucible challenges, on the cover, bringing him into the story and campaign. It just felt thematically that it fit really well.”

Many have thrown in their opinions on the new private matchmaking for Destiny. However, not all critics believe that much will change for the game. Forbes reports on this, feeling that private matchmaking won’t make Destiny an eSport like other first-person shooters have become. Could this speak for the longevity of the game? Perhaps, though this would only speak for the multiplayer aspect of the game. There’s plenty to do in Rise of Iron from the looks of things, and Bungie is hoping that Guardians won’t jump ship as quickly as with other DLC that has come out in the past.

Ultimately, Bungie is making note of its past failures and listening to fan feedback that has been given over many months. Destiny: Rise of Iron will drop on September 20 of this year. There’s something for new and old fans alike, and this could be the DLC that fuels the anticipation for Destiny 2.

How do you feel about the addition of private matchmaking? Do you think that this automatically makes Rise of Iron a worthwhile purchase? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image Via Bungie]