Mechanophilia: Dayton, Ohio Man Arrested For Drunken Sexual Escapade With A Van

A man from Dayton, Ohio took the term “moving violation” to a whole new level after he was caught attempting to get it on with a van.

As reported by WDTN, a resident on the 700 block of St. Nicholas Street called the police on Tuesday evening after she saw an inebriated, half-naked man swinging from a street sign. When cops ultimately arrived, they witnessed the drunken individual, later identified as Michael Henson, walking around the area with nothing on but a pair of shorts and his shoes. He was apprehended without incident and placed into a squad car as they questioned the witness.

During the conversation, the Dayton resident relayed that before they got there, Henson made his way to a van that was parked nearby and pulled his pants down. He then inserted his genitals into the grille of the vehicle and began having intercourse with it. The witnessed claimed that the act went on “for a while” before Henson passed out on an adjourning lawn.

He is currently in the Montgomery County Jail on two counts of public indecency.

As strange as this story may sound, Henson’s actions, albeit alcohol-related, have been known to be common with individuals who engage in a fetish known as mechanophilia, or “mechaphilia.” Defined as a sexual attraction to machines, mechanophilia is in itself occasionally treated as a crime in certain countries, including the United Kingdom, where a man named Daniel Cooper was arrested in 2013 for simulating sex with a Land Rover, according to the Daily Mail.

Like Henson, Cooper was said to have been incredibly intoxicated when the incident occurred and claimed not to remember partaking in the act, which was caught by CC-TV cameras. As the father-of-three made his way home from a night of drinking, he made his way inside of a kebab takeaway restaurant and began to strip. After simulating sexual movements on the side of the counter, he repeated his act on the floor of the restaurant before urinating on himself and then did the same to the vehicle, which was parked outside of the establishment. He was given three months of probation for the incident and ordered to stay home each weekend for three months straight.

[Photo by Ridofranz/Thinkstock]

Another man, this one from Thailand, was also charged with mechanophilia in May 2015 for walking into the parking garage attached to his building and having sex with a neighbor’s Porsche Boxter. As mentioned by the Inquisitr, the literal chrome-loving Lothario was initially thought to have been interested in stealing the vehicle before disrobing, laying himself on the floor of the garage, and sliding his penis inside the tailpipe of the Porsche. Just as with Cooper, the entire scenario was filmed, but unlike the Englishman, his sexual prowess was witnessed by the world as the “hookup” was ultimately shared to YouTube.

As strange as these instances sound, however, they don’t come close to the world’s most notable mechaphile. Back in 2013, Yelm, Washington resident Edward Smith admitted to The Mirror that at that point in his life, he had managed to bed nearly 1,000 different types of vehicles, including Mustangs, Jaguars and even an attack helicopter. In fact, he had only been with one woman in his entire life, and that was ages ago, so said Smith.

“Some guys look at boobs and bums on beautiful women,” he acknowledged, “[but] I look at the front and rear on beautiful cars.”

Although he had been around town, so to speak, he had, at that point, settled down and began a semi-monogamous relationship with a white Volkswagen Beetle he referred to as “Vanilla.”

[Image via the Montgomery County Jail]