Lindsay Lohan Blames ‘Stressful’ Arrest For Pain Below Her Breasts

Lindsay Lohan hospital and stress

You would think by now that Lindsay Lohan would be a pro at being arrested; after all, there is hardly a month that goes by where she isn’t being booked into custody for doing something stupid. Yet the actress recently revealed that her latest arrest has been bad for her health.

A Lohan snoop just told TMZ that Lohan’s most recent arrest aggravated her pre-existing pneumonia so badly that she was rushed to the hospital for tests and observation.

Lohan was rushed to a New York City hospital on Sunday night to receive treatment for a lung infection after she complained of pain below her breasts; she was released shortly afterwards.

Apparently, the stress from her arrest led to anxiety, which landed her directly in the emergency room.

Lohan has apparently been suffering from “walking pneumonia” for the last few weeks and was ordered to take it easy.

Lindsay Lohan may be blaming police for her trip to the hospital but less we forget she’s a huge fan of cigarettes. While staying at the Chateau Marmont this past summer, Lindsay Lohan blew threw 49 packs of cigarettes in just 47 days.

If stress did exacerbate Lohan’s lungs problems, she has nobody but herself to blame as she continues to put herself in positions that lead to arrests and police intervention.

In the meantime, mother Dina Lohan says her daughter was taken to the NYC hospital because a high pollen count affected her already fragile lungs.

I never thought I would say this, but I actually believe Dina Lohan may be telling the truth for once.