Now That Drake And Eminem Have Squashed The Beef, Is Joe Budden Straddling A Fence?

It looks like the beef between Drake and Eminem is officially dead.

As reported previously by the Inquisitr, Drake and Eminem appeared together on stage during the Summer Sixteen tour and put an end to the rumors that they were going to go head to head. This was shortly after Ebro of the Ebro In The Morning radio show caused a spark of allegations. Now that it’s been established that Drake and Em are on good terms, where does that leave Joe Budden?

It appears that the Slaughterhouse rapper isn’t that bothered. All eyes were undoubtedly on any form of social media that Joe could take to, and it looks like he didn’t have much to say in response. Budden is signed under Eminem as an artist, and yet he has almost no retaliatory fire in regards to Drake making such a major move? Where’s the Joe Budden that was making diss tracks? Where are the personal messages that he stated he wouldn’t be revealing for “ammunition” purposes? It seems like now would be the best time to retaliate, but Budden has been limited in showing his hand. Perhaps he has nothing to show at all.

In a report by XXL Magazine, Joe Budden took to Twitter to express how he felt about Eminem appearing on stage with Drake. While Budden consistently expresses his dislike for Drake on an artist’s level, the series of tweets that he posted are almost neutral in comparison to what he’s had to say in the past.

A series of tweets were posted from Budden’s Twitter account, though they appear to have been deleted.

“I keep trying to be irrelevant but y’all won’t let me lol”

“I’m smoking hookah w my girl, why do I have 300 mentions cuz 2 top tier artists performed together? … I’m lost. Lol”

“I hate y’all lmao smh”

It sounds as though Budden has lost his fire when it comes to beefing with Drake. It’s a smart move to play nonchalant at this point, as Eminem is someone that no artist wants to go to lyrical war with. The real question lies in whether Joe Budden believed the hype of the beef to begin with.

In a report by DJBooth, Budden appears in a Periscope video that runs a little over an hour long. During the video, various topics are discussed. A few words from Budden’s mouth seem to suggest that beefing with someone who has status like Drake is pointless to begin with.

“If I’m Drake, I’ve built my entire empire off said insecurity. So why would I want to get rid of it? I wouldn’t. That’s exactly why I stopped dissing him. It was pointless.”

It’s no surprise that many felt the same way during the rap beef between the two artists. Toronto native Drake is arguably one of the most successful hip-hop artists at this point. Joe is releasing a collaborative album alongside artist araabMUZIK called Rage And The Machine. Though mildly entertaining, Budden appears to be growing wise to Drake’s seemingly untouchable status and slowly backing down from his offensive efforts. If Drake’s goal was to silence the beef without lifting a finger, he’s certainly accomplished what he set out to do.

Ultimately, Joe Budden seems to be left with little more than neutrality. Perhaps Eminem’s appearance with Drake was supposed to quiet anyone who could give speculation. Whatever the case, Budden would benefit from riding the trending wave until the spotlight is off of him.

How do you feel about Joe Budden’s response to Drake and Eminem performing together? Do you feel that he’ll continue to target Drake? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]