Wants To Own An NBA Team? LeBron James Says That’s His Dream

LeBron James is currently a top player in the NBA and an all-time great, and there is no doubt about that. But what about life after basketball? On Wednesday, James revealed on Interrupted’s podcast Open Run that he wants to own an NBA team once he is retired.

The four-time NBA MVP also went on about his dream to own a team to the NorthEast Ohio Media Group.

“I feel like my brain as far as the game of basketball is unique and I would love to continue to give my knowledge to the game,” James said. “And I would love to be a part of a franchise, if not at the top. My dream is to actually own a team and I don’t need to have fully hands on. If I’m fortunate enough to own a team, then I’m going to hire the best GM and president that I can.”

LeBron wants to own his own NBA team next
As a very decorated player in the NBA, LeBron James has expressed his desire to own an NBA team after he hangs it up [photo by Ezra Shaw].

James isn’t only an elite player, but he’s also a savvy business owner as well. He owns part of a Premier League team and owns a production company for television and film as well. He also is a millionaire, so resources are definitely not an issue.

With a basketball mind like James, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him provide his wisdom with the team and construct the best team he could.

Don’t forget that James was a huge reason why the Cavaliers brought in both Ian Shumpert and J.R. Smith. Smith played a big role in helping to launch the Cavaliers to their first NBA title.

James has such a passion for the game that it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him involved in the NBA, even long after he calls it quits as a player. Similar to what Michael Jordan has done, it’s not difficult to imagine James sitting up in the suite or, more likely, down on the court.

Matt Moore of CBS Sports points out something odd in James’ statement.

“So there’s some weirdness in this. If James is saying “my basketball brain is unique” then it only makes sense that he would want to involve himself in the process,” Moore said. “He mentions the things he understands, like chemistry and work ethic, but those are things he would want to have input on. And once you cross that line, you are officially a ‘hands-on’ owner, which he says he doesn’t ‘need’ to be.”

Moore also points out that James would want to be a Mark Cuban-type owner, except the fact that he would be a former player. Essentially, if James was to involve himself in “the process,” he would do ownership similar to how Mark Cuban does.

Since it’s never been done before, it would be interesting to see the combination of a “hands-on” owner and former player all in one.

James also mentioned earlier in the summer to Nike campers that his career motivation is to “chase the ghost of Michael Jordan.” Knowing this about James, it would not surprise that he would also want to do as much, if not more than Jordan as an owner. While Jordan has James beat in MVPs (five) and NBA Titles (six), James has the motivation to be the absolute best at everything. This competitive nature drives James in everything he does.

LeBron James wants to be the best in titles, MVP's, and wants to own his own team.
After winning an NBA title in 2016, LeBron James wants to be the best as a player and maybe even a owner [Photo by Mike Lawrie/ Getty Images]

“I want to be greatest of all time.” James said. “So it does creep into my mind, but not where it oversteps what the main thing is, and that’s the right now.” He also said “this whole legacy thing is much bigger than me jumping up and making a shot, or getting a defensive stop or things of that nature.”

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]