Lil Wayne Lawsuit Deposition Against Quincy Jones III [Video]

lil wayne documentary lawsuit

Lil Wayne is suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary film. While a legal deposition may sound boring, the young rapper’s one liners may make the lawsuit meeting one of the most humorous in history. The New Orleans native admits that he does not recall everything that happened in relation to the documentary film about his life, but what he does recall is outright hilarious.

Quincy Jones III scheduled a production team to follow Lil Wayne around for several months in an effort to accurately chronicle his daily life as he completed Tha Carter III, a new album. Although the rapper was initially on board with the filming, he allegedly hated the movie and went so far as to call it a “scandalous” portrayal, according to TMZ.

During the documentary lawsuit deposition, Jones’ attorney, Pete Ross, grills Wayne about his criminal record; this is where a lot of the not remembering comes into play. The Brown George Ross lawyer claims that the rap star threatened him, an allegation which the performer denies. Lil Wayne’s response to the accusations on the recorded deposition may support the lawyer’s claims that he was threatened, but it would involve a little reading between the lines. No overt statements of physical harm were uttered during the lengthy and often confusing conversation.

Lil Wayne had this to say during the lawsuit meeting:

“I don’t have to do nothing’. That guy right there [judge] can’t save you in the real world. He can’t save you.”

When asked about the comment immediately after it was said, Lil Wayne noted that he was simply talking to himself.

The rapper did not recall any weapons charges, arrests, or time spent on Riker’s Island when asked about specific arrest incidents, according to video excerpts.

The music star had this to say when asked about his image with the media:

“I am who I am and you guys portray what you think. I just answered that and said I don’t like to portray myself as nobody. An image is self-described.”

The young man did not appear flustered by the intense line of questioning even though he did get a bit fidgety at times.