Thomas Gibson: ‘Criminal Minds’ Producer He Kicked Had A Run In With A Co-Worker On A Previous Show

The situation with Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson continues to play itself out in the public eye with a report from TMZ this morning that Virgil Williams, the producer he kicked, had problems with a co-worker in a previous job. Gibson is said to be considering using an incident between Williams and a woman he worked on ER with against him if he decides to proceed with legal action.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Thomas Gibson has hired an attorney, and the two are looking at the circumstances surrounding his termination from Criminal Minds to determine whether or not he has grounds for legal action. On Tuesday, Gibson joined Twitter and tweeted several messages in which he thanked fans for their support. In one, Thomas indicated he was let down by what had happened.

In its report about Thomas Gibson’s case, TMZ states that it has learned that Williams had an altercation with a female co-worker while working on ER. He worked as producer on nine episodes of the show between 2005 and 2009. The incident that Thomas is considering using against Williams occurred when he learned that a female production assistant would be taking his place as manager and player on the show’s softball team. Multiple sources tell the site that Williams called her into his office and flew off the handle at her, threatening her life and to ruin her career. It was previously reported that Gibson had to attend an anger management course for a previous on-set incident, and it turns out that Williams had to do the same thing as a result of the ER incident.

This is not the first indication that blame for the incident that got Thomas Gibson fired from Criminal Minds may not lay only on him. Page Six reported last week that a source told them that Williams instigated the incident with Gibson. They added:

“It wasn’t like [Gibson] punched him. Williams is a boxer and a martial artist, he’s no angel. He can be very aggressive…[Williams] got very aggressive, so Thomas walked away and then he felt like the guy was coming after him. He turned around and kicked just on instinct, like a reflex.”

Since Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds, news of his ongoing conflict with cast and crew has been circulating. The reports indicate that he does seem to sometimes have a quick temper that gets out of hand. Still, it seems that Thomas has a good relationship with many in the cast and crew. That Page Six source had this to say about the star.

“Thomas can’t be everybody’s best friend, but he’s not a villain. Everything will be back to normal soon, people move on. The cast and crew are a very solid, tight-knit family … Thomas has been with his family for the last two weeks, and he’s just getting back into the swing of things. I’m sure it’s going to be resolved, [Gibson and Virgil] will post a photo together … they’ve known each other for 12 years, and they’re together for 12 hours a day. Things happen.”

Criminal Minds contends that Thomas Gibson’s termination wasn’t the result of just this incident, however. As TheInquisitr previously reported, they indicate that there have been previous incidents, including a time when Thomas shoved someone on the crew. He was required to attend anger management classes at that time. His contract renewal was held up until he did so.

There are also rumors of tension between Gibson and frequently-late Shemar Moore and of a time that he became so angry with Shemar and Mandy Patinkin – when he claimed they were being verbally abusive – that his agent had to talk Thomas out of attacking Moore. In addition, Gibson had a DUI charge a few years ago while working on Criminal Minds. The latest on-set altercation was seen as the last straw in a relationship that was already strained.

[Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images]