August 17, 2016
WWE News: WWE Superstar Paige Suspended For Violating The WWE Wellness Policy

WWE Superstar Paige is currently out of action now due to an injury. She is rumored to be dealing with a neck injury as well as back and shoulder problems. However, she will officially miss time soon as it appears she has failed the WWE Wellness Policy for the first time.

The WWE website reported the bad news earlier this afternoon, but fans are talking big time about it for multiple reasons. Her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio also failed a drug test and was also suspended today. Both will be forced to miss thirty days, due to the first violation. It is curious too that they were announced at different times today and WWE dedicated articles to both. Usually when multiple WWE superstars are suspended for any reason, WWE knows about them all at the same time and puts them in one article.

However, WWE did not do that this time around and fans seem to be feeling that there is a very good reason behind it. WWE is trying to send a message to both Paige and Del Rio through this by not burying one in the same article but putting both on blast. It does appear likely, at least on suspicion, that they may have taken the same illegal substance considering the relationship.

ADR Paige
[Image via]At this time, it is not known what either took or if it is even bad. We know marijuana is illegal in the WWE, but they do not suspend for it and merely fine wrestlers who test positive with it. WWE guidelines are quite clear regarding what wrestlers can and cannot use, so every single talent knows they're risking a lot when they take things they know they shouldn't. Paige surely knows the policy well as she has basically grown up in the WWE, being with the company since she was 18.

Interestingly, today is Paige's birthday as she turned 24 years old. WWE clearly sent the message out loud and clear to her that she should not be taking anything illegal. They also made sure to put the article out today on her when it easily could have waited a day. They put the articles for Paige and Del Rio out today for a very good reason.

When it comes to Alberto Del Rio, he may not care about his WWE career at this point. His contract with WWE comes up in October, which means he'll have less than two weeks left with WWE once he gets back from his suspension. Meanwhile, Paige's contract with WWE is not up for a while. WWE also freezes contracts for talent that happen to be out with an injury. So Paige can't miss a year of action and suddenly see her contract come up.

[Image via WWE]WWE would simply keep her under contract with the same amount of days and time left when she last performed and would only continue it once she returned as a talent and was used in some way with the WWE whether it was a wrestler, manager, commentator, or something that allows the company to make their money off of her. It does seem likely that she will end up needing surgery if the problems are as serious as they are rumored, and if so there is at least some possibility she may have to retire if things are not fixed properly.

However, unlike with Daniel Bryan and others, she has youth on her side which makes her recovery a little easier compared to someone in their 30s and up. The sad part is that she had to be suspended. Hopefully, Paige learned from her mistake and can recover well from her injury, then come back better than before.

[Image via WWE]