Shemar Moore Denies Karma Message Was For Thomas Gibson, Shade Intended For Another ‘Criminal Minds’ Actor Instead — Will Shemar Return To The CBS Hit?

Shemar Moore recently threw some shade about karma and many Criminal Minds fans thought he was reacting to recent news that Thomas Gibson was fired. It turns out that was not the case though and Shemar already took steps to clear things up. Instead, it looks like Moore was taking aim at another co-star, possibly Keith Tisdale, whom Shemar recently accused of robbery.

Moore’s original comment came about during a video he released that went viral. The timing on it was questionable because of the very recent firing of Thomas Gibson. It seems that many reports took off with that parallel and forgot that Shemar was recently locked up in some legal issues with another Criminal Minds actor, whom he accused of robbing him in a recent business deal they were working on together.

Shemar Moore initially said, “Lot of birdies chirping out there. The gossip is real. I hear it. I see it. I’ll just say this: I believe in karma.”

After reports that Shemar Moore was throwing shade at Thomas Gibson over news that he was fired from the hit CBS show, Moore responded and said that was not the case. Even though Gibson and Moore didn’t have the most amicable working relationship in the past, Moore made it clear that he wasn’t targeting his former co-star with his karma comments. Page Six reported that Shemar said, “No, they spun that all wrong. It was mostly about life.”

It turns out that Shemar’s comments were about life but they were also about a Criminal Minds actor, just not the one that everyone thought he was talking about. Shemar Moore and Keith Tisdale were working together on a charity called Baby Girl LLC. The goal of their joint venture was to raise funds and awareness for multiple sclerosis. The venture was near and dear to Moore because his mom suffered from the disease.

Keith Tisdale has been accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from Baby Girl LLC, according to the Daily Mail. Moore reportedly confronted his former friend after an audit showed that a lot of money was missing and says that Tisdale denied taking anything.

It’s not like Keith Tisdale’s embezzlement is just an accusation either. Tisdale was arrested on embezzlement charges in January 2016 and in turn, ended up admitting to charges of grand theft instead. It was during the same time that Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds that news broke of Tisdale’s involvement with Shemar Moore’s charity and that a judge had ruled in favor of Moore to the tune of $61,000 in restitution.

That makes a lot more sense in terms of Shemar Moore’s karma comments than reports that his thoughts were directed at former co-star Gibson. He even told TMZ recently, “I wish Thomas nothing but the best.”

Shemar had another message for Criminal Minds fans that has a lot of people excited and hopeful. With Thomas Gibson’s exit from the show, it seems that a door may have opened back up for the return of Shemar Moore. When asked if he might be considering coming back to the CBS hit, Moore said, “They didn’t kill me. I always said, the elevator doors closed, they can open again.”

With the untimely and unplanned exit of Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds, could Shemar Moore be returning to reprise his role as Derek Morgan? Stay tuned and don’t rule that option out. Right now, writers and producers are trying to figure out how to write off Gibson’s iconic character Aaron Hotchner without being able to bring him back. There have been questions about the future of the show with the absence of both Gibson and Moore. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched for Moore to make a comeback in order to save the long-running procedural.

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