‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 836: Luffy To Defeat Charlotte Cracker But Form A Truce With Big Mom? [Spoilers]

One Piece manga chapter 836 will see Luffy emerging from the Seducing Woods he and his gang were so hopelessly entrapped in for several installments.

While the arrival of Big Mom’s 10th son Charlotte Cracker significantly hinders the escape plans, Luffy has help from Big Mom’s ex-husband Buried Guy. Interestingly, it is quite possible that Luffy will defeat Cracker and perhaps annihilate him; there are indicators that Big Mom won’t strike back with vengeance. Instead, she just might attempt to form a truce with him owing to past events that involved Luffy’s heroics.

What causes Big Mom to change her outlook towards Luffy? Until Chapter 835, Big Mom hated Luffy and his gang and tried her best to keep all of them trapped within the Seducing Woods. She even animated the woods to make their escape a gargantuan task. Luffy and his gang were further troubled by eighth daughter of Charlotte Family, Brulee, who had consumed the Mira Mira no Mi devil fruit, which gave her the power to become any person’s mirror image. Using her powers, she created multiple personas of Luffy’s friends, making it impossible for him to decipher the original ones from their mirror images.

Despite the confusion, the original Nami did manage to break through and inform Luffy about Buried Guy, and together, they are expected to escape the Seducing Woods, even if Cracker stands in their way. It is likely that Fluffy ends up battling and defeating Cracker. However, despite the developments, Big Mom could attempt to make peace with Luffy owing to past events.

It was recently confirmed that Lola is one of Big Mom’s several daughters. The Straw Hats had saved Lola from the hands of Gecko Moriah in Thriller Bark. It seems Lola is the Yonkou’s favorite daughter. This association could prove instrumental in ensuring Big Mom’s resentment towards Luffy and the Straw Hats diminishes to such an extent that she might consider peace with them.

Further clues about the possible armistice can be inferred from the way Luffy and his gang escape the Seducing Woods and the upcoming, albeit mutually reluctant, nuptials between Sanji and Pudding.

Big Mom’s ex-husband Buried Guy pulls out all stops to help Luffy and his friends escape the Seducing Woods. Though Brulee and Big Mom tried their best to keep them trapped, Buried Guy may knock Brulee unconscious and free Carrot. For reasons yet to be known, Buried Guy agrees to help the Straw Hats and even lead them out of the forest. The animated Seducing Woods seem scared and make way for the passing group.

The woods in the forest are animated because Big Mom has the ability to consume life force of her victims and infuse some of it in inanimate objects. The powers not just bring the objects, like trees, to life, but can also allow animals to communicate. Together, the ecosystem opposed Luffy and the Straw Hats.

One Piece chapter 836 could explain Big Mom’s powers, but there are speculations that she needs to consume the life force to stay alive. By sucking the life force, Big Mom is able to extend her own longevity. There are rumors that the Buried Guy informs Luffy about Big Mom’s true age. He says she is over 800 years old and is steadily nearing her death as the vivre card of Big Mom that Buried Guy has in his possession is burning. This might imply Big Mom is sick and is sure to sadden Luffy, and feel compassion for her. It is possible that Buried Guy is interested in seeing his two daughters, Lola and Chiffon, that he had with Big Mom and hence he is helping Luffy.

Will an alliance between Luffy and Buried Guy, as well as the fact that the former saved Lola, cause Big Mom’s change of heart?

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