James Krumm, Christopher Krumm: ID’s ‘Unraveled’ Recounts Bow And Arrow Murder Of College Professor Killed By Son Who Allegedly Had Asperger’s

James Krumm, the Casper College professor who was murdered with a bow and arrow by his son, Christopher Krumm, four years ago, will be the subject this week on Investigation Discovery’s Unraveled. The episode titled “A Beautiful Mind,” will reveal the story of a near genius son who kills his father and his father’s girlfriend, which sends a local college campus into a tailspin. On the show, listen in as detectives give their riveting account of what happened.

Shocking! Son Kills Dad With Bow And Arrow

In 2012, James Krumm was a computer science professor at Casper College in Casper, Wyoming. He lost his life after his knife-wielding son entered the classroom while he was teaching and shot him in the head with a bow and arrow. He then stabbed his dad in the chest before killing himself. Sheer panic and chaos swept through the campus after news spread that a teacher had been killed in his classroom.

The Daily Mail describes the scene in the minutes after the attack.

“The attack at the two-year community college in Casper occurred just before 9am in a classroom on the science building’s third floor. All students and staff were evacuated from the building. The college sent out a campus-wide alert via text message and email within two minutes of receiving word of the attack at 9.06 a.m. The lockdown ended at about 11am after school officials received word that police were no longer searching for a suspect.”

By the time police got to the scene, they found the body of 56-year-old James Krumm and a dying Christopher Krumm, age 25.

Another Instructor’s Dead Body Found

Christopher Krumm, also known as Chris Krumm, died from his injuries. Police surrounded the campus and were ready to take on a mass shooter before they realized that this was no ordinary school shooting, but a tragic domestic situation between father and son. In addition to the two deaths at the school, police also connected the campus tragedy to the murder of Heidi Arnold, another teacher at the college, according to the New York Daily News.

Police say that before a deranged Christopher Krumm headed to the college to take out his father, he made a stop at his father’s home, where the professor lived with his 42-year old girlfriend, Heidi.

An autopsy report found that Heidi Arnold had been attacked and stabbed outside her home with a large knife. She was found by neighbors crumpled in the street on Hawthorne Avenue.

The coroner’s report found that James Krumm died from the shot to his head with the bow and arrow. His son, Chris Krumm, died of a self-inflicted stab wound.

Students and fellow teachers were all stunned by the sudden tragedy, stating that both Heidi Arnold and James Krumm were exceptional teachers who seemed to care about the students.

Dad Blamed For Asperger’s Syndrome

Neighbors said that the Krumm family was quiet and kept to themselves. At the time of the murders, know one really knew what had caused Christopher Krumm to unravel that day, but investigators said that the professor’s son had traveled from his home in Vernon, Connecticut, to Casper, Wyoming, to carry out the attack. It was later suggested that Krumm blamed his father for giving him Asperger’s Syndrome.

Some other details regarding the murder

  • Chris Krumm’s mother died of breast cancer about seven years prior.
  • A neighbor stated that Chris Krumm was angry that his father gave him Asperger’s Syndrome and believed that he should be castrated and should have never had children, according to the Denver Post.
  • No one would have suspected that Christopher Krumm could commit such a crime.
  • The murder-suicide occurred in room 325.
  • Stunned neighbors saw the body of Heidi Arnold lying in a gutter along the street.
  • James Krumm was considered a hero for standing up to his son, giving the students time to clear the room, NBC News stated.

According to obituary announcement for James Krumm in the Casper Star Tribune, a double funeral was held for the father and son.

“James (Jim) Krumm, 56, was born in Sculthorpe, England on January 5, 1956 and grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in teaching and a master’s degree in business administration. In 2002, he joined the faculty at Casper College as an instructor of computer science and continued to work there until the time of his death.”

“Christopher Krumm, 25, was born to Jim and Carol on December 19, 1986. After he graduated high school, Chris obtained a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Colorado State University and received a master’s degree in electrical engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. Chris was loved by his family, and will be greatly missed.”

To follow the case as it unfolded, tune in for Unraveled this Thursday, August 18, at 9/8 p.m. Central. In a previous episode, ID’s Unraveled featured the case of Gary Plauche.

Listen To James Krumm’s voice as he teaches a class.

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