‘Scream’ Spoilers Season 2 Finale: This Is Who The Killer Was [Video]

Scream Season 2 has finally ended, and the killer has finally been revealed. But for those fans of Scream on MTV, there is one more major season on the horizon and a new secret has been discovered, only to not reveal the true scope of its legacy.

Just for purposes of making sure that all the information is told in the right context, let’s do a quick recap of the finale episode for Season 2 of Scream so we can reveal the killer with his/her backstory and see what kind of spoilers we can dig up for Season 3 of Scream on MTV.

This is the part of the article where we give you one last warning that there are major spoilers coming up and if you have not seen the Season 2 finale of Scream and don’t want it spoiled for you, you might want to turn back now.

Now that you are still with us, let’s discuss that Season 2 finale of Scream. First of all, according to Entertainment Weekly, Emma and Audrey are on the lam. They were in a police car, it crashed, then the killer sets them free. Why, you might ask? Well, this is the finale episode and the Scream killer can have more fun with them if they are not being held for murder at a police station.

Now Emma and Audrey are closing ranks and there is nothing better for them to do than to round up their posse and hide out in a movie theater. Some stuff happens, Brooke gets stabbed and Audrey gets kidnapped. We’ll spare you all the chase and run details because we want to get to that final scene in the Season 2 Scream finale.

Sure enough, a picture of Audrey tied up and gagged gets sent to Emma’s phone and the killer tells her to come alone. They end up back in that orphanage. But Kieran follows her and Eli follows him. Both of which showing up seemed very suspicious to Emma, but things went from bad to worse for three of them.

Eli arrived on the scene behind Kieran and accused Kieran of stabbing him. This is the part where some old storylines from the original Scream franchise start to take shape and the scene looks all too familiar.

Eli lunges at Kieran, but Emma shoots him. Although it was Kieran that finished him off, Emma now has innocent blood on her hands. It was only after the commotion stopped that Kieran accidently let the cat of the bag by repeating a line to her that only the killer knew based on their phone calls in Scream.

The big reveal for Season 2 of Scream was now official. Kieran was the killer in both Season 1 and Season 2 of Scream. He was also furious with Audrey for shooting Piper, whom he had already known before they both arrived at Lakewood.

The plan was for him to frame Emma and Audrey and kill them. But things did not go as planned and there was a struggle. Emma ended up with the upper hand and something happened that had never happened on a Scream franchise episode or film — the killer lived and went to jail.

Scream fans got a little extra dose of the new season at the end of the episode when the timeline jumped three months forward and we saw a note that Emma’s mother had left for Brandon James stuck to a tree.

Then there was the part of the Scream Season 2 finale episode where Kieran got a phone call in jail and someone told him he/she was mad that he was using “his mask” for their escapade.

From what can be inferred from that phone call, it looks like Season 3 of Scream will finally be bringing Brandon James out of the closet and into the series.

[Image via MTV]