‘Big Brother 18’ Speculation Runs Rampant: Will A Juror Return To The Game On Friday’s Special Episode?

Big Brother is throwing its fans through a major loop with yet another Friday night episode, but could this special edition of the CBS reality show include the ultimate game-changing twist? According to TV Guide, the special episode will be a country fair-themed special that will include a performance by Ziggy Marley. There will also be competitions for the houseguests to battle for “prizes, perks, and power.”

Kick off the weekend at the #BB18 County Fair! Special performance by @ziggymarley FRIDAY 8/19 8/7c #CBS

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Interestingly, the episode will air the night after Thursday’s live eviction, and unless it’s just a special filler or clip episode — which seems really weird — it could mean there’s some kind of twist that will play out. With the round-trip ticket twist set to end on Thursday, it’s possible that producers know that neither of the nominees holds the ticket and that no one will return to the Big Brother game during Thursday’s live show.

According to Zap2It, the special episode is almost certain to include some type of battle back into the game. Because the round-trip ticket envelopes were numbered, Big Brother producers know who holds the ticket. And if this week’s nominees—Paulie Calafiore and Corey Brooks —don’t have it, then there’s time to bring a new player back into the game. Paulie and Corey could possibly battle for a chance to go right back into the game. A Friday night battle would ease the pain of yet another flopped Big Brother twist.

There’s speculation that any one of the first four jurors could return to the Big Brother game in a battle to air Friday night. That would mean either Corey or Paulie would have a chance to get back into the Big Brother house, as would fellow jurors Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, and Bridgette Dunning.

Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner even teased the possibility that a juror could return. At the TCA summer press tour, Grodner talked about Da’Vonne Rogers, specifically, teasing that fans may not have seen the last of her on Big Brother.

“You never know what could happen. We’ve had a lot of opportunities, remember the round-trip ticket? There still might be… who knows what could happen?” Grodner said of a possible Da’Vonne return.

Last time Big Brother aired a special weekend episode, it was to showcase the supersized Battle Back competition. The first five eliminated houseguests competed for the chance to go back into the Big Brother game, and Victor Arroyo battled it out for the win. Fans are now speculating that a post-jury battle will bring a juror back into the Big Brother game. Since the jury house hasn’t been shown yet, it’s possible that the jurors are currently sequestered and haven’t been able to talk game with one another.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Big Brother fans have very mixed feelings about the possibility of a juror returning. Some fans think an extra Battle Back has been put in place just to give Paulie a chance to return. Paulie’s antics have caused a lot of drama on the show, and if he goes this week — an almost guaranteed scenario — it will be a much quieter Big Brother house.

Of course, when it comes to Big Brother, anything can happen. And based on Julie Chen’s past comments about a future Battle Back, it could be that Friday’s episode is nothing more than a country fair with a few luxury prize perks. But that just doesn’t sound like Big Brother.

Still, after the first Battle Back earlier this season, Chen told the Hollywood Reporter that while she thought it was great that an early evictee won the chance to get back into the house, she didn’t see it being a regular twist—at least not so early in the Big Brother competition.

“I wouldn’t repeat this twist because it’s too specific to a one-time gag,” Chen said. “You can have other things that will impact the game in just as big of a way, but to have it exactly as ‘Battle Back,’ no, I just don’t see us doing it again.”

Of course, this was before the possible flopped round-trip ticket twist. Based on the round trip idea, it’s clear that producers wanted one more person to get the chance to come back into the Big Brother game. Only time will tell if that will happen in a new way now.

Take a look at the video below to see Paulie and Corey confronting Victor on his nominations.

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