'Teen Mom 2' News: Adam Lind And Jeremy Calvert Reportedly Forced To Film Season 7B

Teen Mom 2 has already started filming for Season 7B. There is a lot going on with the girls now, including a divorce, one confirmed pregnancy, one speculated pregnancy, and a new home purchase. On top of it all, the dads are filming more than ever before for the upcoming season. It appeared that a few of the stars wouldn't be returning for another season at all. MTV made sure that wouldn't happen, and everyone is back to filming whether they like it or not.

Jeremy Calvert got sucked into the Teen Mom 2 chaos. He is one of the most normal dads in the franchise, keeping a regular job while filming for the reality show. He met and married Leah Messer, and the two of them have a daughter together. He spent a lot of time with her twins as well. Unfortunately, Messer and Calvert called it quits last year and have officially been divorced for over a year now. He wanted to leave the show and resume a semi-normal life, taking his daughter with him.

According to Reality Tea, Jeremy Calvert is locked into a contract for Season 7B of Teen Mom 2. He must film for the remainder of the season, which also includes a reunion show at the end. After that, he will be free from his obligations and will likely resume a normal life with his girlfriend and daughter.

Adam Lind is in the same boat. He was incredibly upset at the last Teen Mom 2 reunion, only showing up because of contractual obligations. Lind is going to be more of a problem for production, especially since he is adamant about MTV editing him in the wrong light. Season 7B is something he has to finish and then he is free to walk away. Adam is ready to start a new life with his soon-to-be wife, Stasia. The two recently became engaged and plan to wed soon. Teen Mom 2 fans speculated that his engagement was a direct result of Chelsea Houska becoming engaged, but it appears that he is serious about his lady. She took the time to write an Instagram post about the love of her life, detailing him as misunderstood and under-appreciated.It will be interesting to see if Teen Mom 2 is renewed for another season and, if so, whether or not the men return to filming. The amount of money made per season is a nice chunk of change. Adam Lind revealed what Chelsea Houska made for filming the show. Each mom makes approximately $250,000 a season. That is a lot more than women their age typically make, which is why the majority of the cast only films for MTV. If the men opt not to return for another season, there will be no love lost. Their exes each have new stories to follow that don't include them. Just a few more weeks and they will be free to go back to normalcy.Season 7B of Teen Mom 2 is highly anticipated. With the ladies having plenty of drama, it will be one of the best seasons yet. Shade has been thrown, rumors have circulated, and people have changed. Javi Marroquin is finally home from Qatar, and things with his marriage are still in shambles. Jenelle Evans could be pregnant but hasn't announced it yet. Chelsea Houska will welcome her first child with Cole DeBoer just months after they tie the knot in October. Leah Messer bought a new home and moved her family into it recently.

There is so much change happening with the Teen Mom 2 girls, fans are excited to see what else the future has in store for them.

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