Russian Truck Driver Miraculously Survives Head On Car Crash [Video]

Every driver has had that moment when they thought that they were a goner, either through their own error or simply because the car in front looks to be careening towards them. It’s a dang scary moment where all that you can do is wince.

But one lucky driver from Russia has looked death in the eye, confronted it head on, and lived to tell the tale. Driving a large truck on the highway, he was suddenly confronted by an oncoming vehicle of around the same size which had moronically decided to pull out into his lane.

With nowhere else to turn at such short notice, the two vehicles collided! But the driver of the vehicle which smashed into the turning truck escaped unscathed and was simply able to climb out of the broken front window, which he had been catapulted into and had smashed upon contact.

The truck that turned into the oncoming traffic seems to have done so due to there being a stopped vehicle in front of it and acted so as to not smash into the back of it. The oncoming driver dangles from his recently decrepit window and hovers around the front of his vehicle before walking away from the smash scratching his head in shock that he’s survived this excursion.

Of course, this kind of miracle comes in all shapes and sizes, with a Florida boy recently surviving a 3-foot spear going through his head. You can check out a video of the Russian truck crash below. It begs belief.