Jules Wainstein Divorce Drama — ‘RHONY’ Dorinda Medley Blasts Michael Wainstein For Finding A ‘Side Fling’

Dorinda Medley is taking Jules Wainstein’s side amidst the divorce drama.

While Jules is engaged in a nasty split with Michael Wainstein, the Real Housewives of New York star spoke out against Michael for finding a “side fling.”

According to Radar Online, Jules slammed Michael for not offering Jules enough support throughout the divorce, especially as a father.

“Jules is under a lot of pressure at home and needs as much support as she can get…” Medley wrote in her Bravo blog. “When it comes to her marriage, we’ve now seen what she’s been dealing with for a while. An absent husband is one thing, an absent father is something even larger.”

Medley went on to discuss Michael’s cheating ways.

The reality star admitted that it is difficult to think about infidelity in a marriage, especially when trying to raise children and expand a career.

Jules Wainstein's marriage was obviously strained this season on the 'RHONY.' [Image via Bravo]

Medley concluded that Jules and her husband weren’t on the same page on a lot of things, which only made the marriage worse.

Despite their disagreements and fights, Medley did not excuse Michael for any of his behavior.

“They’ve been together for 10 years, and there are times when you can very easily disagree with one another, but that doesn’t give someone the justification to find a side fling,” Medley revealed. “That’s the last thing you want to juggle when you’re already juggling so much. And the fear and paranoia of it alone is enough to paralyze you, so imagine how devastating and debilitating it is when you realize it’s the reality you’re living.”

Jules discovered Michael’s infidelity a few months back. For Medley, it was a moment she described as being particularly “heartbreaking.”

Is Dorinda Medley The Biggest Pot Stirrer On The 'Real Housewives Of New York'? [Image via Bravo]
Dorinda Medley [Image via Bravo]

“Watching her make those two phone calls with her children and her now-estranged husband was heartbreaking,” Medley shared. “So dismissive, so condescending, like she was out of her mind for even asking where are you, what are you doing, why, for how long? It’s an awful position to be in — just awful.”

Meanwhile, People is reporting that Jules Wainstein just appeared in court in order to get a temporary restraining order against Michael.

Jules was forced to call the police on Michael after a recent altercation at their apartment.

While no arrests were made, Jules is filing the restraining order for the sake of her children.

“She is concerned about the welfare and privacy of their children and feels that is what a courtroom is for,” a rep of Jules explained. “They’re due in court very soon.”

Jules and Michael were married 8 years before deciding to part ways. They had two kids during their time together, including Jagger (8) and Rio (5).

For his part, Michael’s attorney has denied the allegations made against his client.

Michael was recently spotted shopping and holding hands with his new lady love, Elyse Bensusan — whose husband Tsion also filed for divorce — reports the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail also spoke with one of Elyse’s relatives who blamed Jules and Michael’s nasty split completely on Jules.

“I don’t want to say anything that will hurt either one of them because Jules needs help. She needs to get it together and find out what went wrong with her marriage before dragging other people into this.

“It’s really easy to blame someone else instead of looking in the mirror and handling your own business.”

Meanwhile, it still isn’t clear how much of the divorce drama will be included on the current season of RHONY.

Jules Wainstein Divorce Drama: Police Called After A Fight, Michael Wainstein Calls The 'RHONY' Star An 'Erratic Mess' [Image via Bravo]
Jules Wainstein [Image via Bravo]

According to Reality Tea, producers weren’t ready for how crazy the drama would get between Jules and Michael and tried their best to manipulate the footage they had.

Either way, it is clear that Jules divorce with Michael isn’t going to be settled anytime soon.

In fact, the Daily Mail reports that Michael is preparing to fight for primary custody of Jagger and Rio because he doesn’t think Jules is fit to take care of them herself.

In light of the recent developments, an inside source revealed that she is focusing on her kids at the moment and nothing else.

“[Jules] is a great mom who is just focused on her kids right now,” the insider said.

Jules herself said in a recent blog post, that there are bigger issues than her marriage troubles that need to be addressed.

“There are bigger issues in the world that need tackling, and there are bigger realities that need to be addressed. My reality is that my kids and I are healthy and happy. We’re lucky and blessed. My thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by the tragedies in Orlando and the rest of the country and world.”

Fans can watch Jules Wainstein and Dorinda Medley in action when new episodes of the Real Housewives of New York air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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