WWE News: The Undertaker Returning To WWE? Wrestling Legend Spotted With Shane McMahon Sparking Rumor

The Undertaker has not been seen in the WWE since his win over Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32 inside Hell in a Cell. While we’ve seen a lot of his opponent Shane, the Deadman has seemingly disappeared since that time. That was until recently, as he popped up in a couple of viral photos, one where he was using a cane, which was said to have been something he was looking at and not using to get around. The other was a picture with WWE SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon.

The two were spotted at a bar together, where it was claimed Shane left a $100 tip for the bartender at the end of the night. The big deal from the photo together, where Taker looks hammered, was that The Phenom had colored his hair. This is never done by Undertaker unless he is getting ready for a comeback to the WWE, as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon asks him to do it so that he doesn’t look too old.

Now, Cageside Seats is reporting that it does indeed look as if Undertaker may be making a WWE comeback and could be doing so as soon as this Sunday at WWE SummerSlam. While this may be seen as a bad idea considering there is no reason for The Undertaker to be at the event, it may be done as way to bring some intrigue to the second biggest show of the year for the WWE.

Undertaker Vince/Shane McMahon
[image via WWE]

The most interesting part of this is that Undertaker and Vince McMahon were reportedly at odds a couple months back. Undertaker was upset with McMahon, according to reports, and the Deadman was refusing to come back to the WWE and was telling people he was retired at the time. This is thought to be due to how the whole Shane/Taker storyline ended up. The whole idea was that if Undertaker won his match at WrestleMania, Shane would not get control of WWE RAW. Yet he did win, and Shane still got control.

Now, Shane is the Commissioner of the SmackDown Live brand, which means everything put into the match with Shane was for nothing in the end. The whole issue with Vince supposedly was this on top of the boss wanting Undertaker to perform at SummerSlam. Undertaker is typically a company guy, but he was not taking any phone calls from the WWE and especially Vince. The idea that he would work SummerSlam is still puzzling, but not concrete in the slightest.

However, being spotted with Shane does mean a couple of things that we should consider. It is well-documented that the two have been friends for years, but Shane is also Vince’s son and would try to talk with Undertaker about returning. Shane is also not stupid and knows that any picture taken will make the internet and start speculation, which is exactly what the WWE wants to happen at this point. He also controls SmackDown Live and needs a marquee part-time star.

The Undertaker has yet to be added to a brand, and if he wanted to come back, he would needed to be added at some point to one of them. SmackDown is a brand Undertaker was a huge part of years ago during the original brand split. He did go to WWE RAW initially, but once he ended up on the blue brand, he didn’t really move around until the split became obsolete.

Undertaker Shane McMahon
[image via WWE]

Due to his relationship with Shane, it does seem obvious that Taker would join the SmackDown Live brand. The picture with Shane would go all over the place the moment Undertaker made his return for sure. While all signs do point to the two just hanging out, a lot of things may have shifted for the Deadman, too. He may feel like this could be his official last run with the company and would give a great last year.

The rumor is that if The Undertaker does return, he would only do so if he knew he could have one more WrestleMania with the person he has wanted to face for some time, John Cena. If WWE can manage to have The Phenom versus The Face That Runs The Place on the WrestleMania 33 banner, Undertaker would surely know his career would finish with a bang. McMahon could have a lot of things planned for Undertaker in his last run, and if fans know it’ll be the last time they see him, it may be a good way for WWE to send him off.

Almost like the Derek Jeter retirement situation, everyone would want to work with The Undertaker one last time, and the final match would be against the face of the WWE. There could be no better way to end it, but we will see what WWE does with him. Contractually, The Undertaker does not have to work until next year, so we may not see him return until then if he decides that he only wants one more match and not a ton of last matches.

[Image via WWE]