‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Nina’s Obsession With A Baby Turn Up Some Past Revelations?

Nina Clay is on a mission to become a mother on General Hospital, and she is doing her best to find a baby to raise on her own. She can’t get a child through an adoption agency because of her past history with kidnapping baby Avery from Ava. Even though she has redeemed herself, she still can’t get what she desires the most. This baby obsession could end up leading to some secret revelations.

The Crimson editor has gotten her life back on track after spending many years in a coma. While she was once obsessed with getting back at all of the people in her life that she was seeking revenge on, she now has a great job and even has made some friends along the way. However, Nina really wants a baby and has enlisted Curtis to find one for her. Celeb Dirty Laundry has brought up a rumor that has been floating around for months concerning Nina. Will General Hospital reveal that she already has a child that she doesn’t know about?

Nina was pregnant when she went into the coma but was told that she had lost her baby. General Hospital spoilers have said all along that this baby did not die but was born and given away to someone else. It has been speculated that Kiki Jerome is actually Nina’s daughter and not Ava Jerome’s child.

It could all come together soon as Ava and Kiki are not getting along at all right now. What better time to have this all turn up than when Kiki may just end up disowning her mother for trying to break her and Morgan up and trying to use Dillon to do it. Since Dillon turned down Ava’s offer to come between her daughter and the Corinthos boy, Ava may have found another way to break them up.

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Morgan left his backpack with his bipolar medications in the hallway after his appointment with Andre. Ava grabbed a handful of those pills so that Morgan would end up having his manic attacks again. As reported by TV Source Magazine, she is in desperation mode, but it may all backfire for her soon enough.

Curtis has agreed to help Nina find a baby, but he is expected to go digging into her past and will find out that her first child may still be alive and well. Many General Hospital viewers are hoping for Nina to be Kiki’s mom, not Ava. This would certainly overturn Kiki’s world, but she may just be happy that she would have a mother who wouldn’t have an affair with her boyfriend and also be messing around with his mental health condition. Nina has had her moments, but she and Kiki had grown to like and understand each other in the past.

Of course, no one knows who Nelle Hayes really is, and she just got into town at the same time that Nina has hired Curtis to hunt for a baby. So, the writers could be giving this story line a twist and have Nelle as Nina’s long lost daughter as well.

Since Nina has stolen a baby before, this obsession of hers could also lead her down a dark path again. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen and Nina will have a happy ending knowing that her baby from years ago is healthy and living in Port Charles all this time. Viewers are really hoping that the writers do not make this another kidnapping case, especially since Jason and Sam are expecting their second child.

There is also the fact that Nina just spent the night with Valentin Cassadine, and now General Hospital fans are predicting that she will end up pregnant. Maybe she finds out that she is pregnant at the same time that she finds out that her firstborn is still alive.

What tidbits do you think Curtis will turn up concerning Nina Clay? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what will happen next.

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