Matt Bellamy Doesn’t Think 9/11 Was An ‘Inside Job’ Anymore

Having had a child and married the absolutely gorgeous and glamorous actress Kate Hudson, it seems like Matt Bellamy has it all, and, now that he’s decided to distance himself from being a 9/11 conspiracy nut, he does.

Once upon a time, the Muse frontman claimed that there was “massive evidence” to support theories that the US authorities allowed the attacks to occur or were integral in making them happen. Talking to CMU in 2006, he said “There was a document called ‘Project For The New America Century’ … which clearly says, ‘We need a Pearl Harbour-level event so we can have an excuse to invade the Middle East.’ ” Keep to the music, Matt.

But now, when speaking to the Metro newspaper, Bellamy has distanced himself from these views and stated, “I don’t believe that any more, although there are lots of questions to be answered.”

His views apparently changed as a result of changing his reading habits, “I still read a lot about political history, the influences of corporations and the military, but i make sure I’m reading from credible sources. I think my political views are a bit more nuanced now.”

Muse have finished work on their new thirteen track album, entitled The 2nd Law, which will be released on October 2 in the US, and the band also revealed that their upcoming tour will be awash with the kind of various technological advancements that have helped to turn the trio into one of the best live bands on the planet. Let’s hope that Bellamy keeps his mouth shut throughout, though, except for the singing of course.