Beyonce Pregnant? Singer Allegedly Wants Another Child, Despite Divorce Rumors [Report]

A Beyonce pregnancy seems to be on the horizon. Though a lot of controversy has been surrounding the singer’s marriage to Jay Z, the pop star’s relationship has been rumored to be getting better, reported Radar Online.

While the music mogul couple hasn’t conceived yet, Beyonce allegedly wants to be pregnant with a second child by Christmas. Beyonce also wants this baby to be a birthday gift for her husband, explained an insider close to the singer.

“It’s Jay Z’s birthday in December too so it will be a double celebration.”

While a Beyonce pregnancy hasn’t officially been confirmed, the Lemonade singer seems to have her sights set on the idea. For quite sometime, the couple has had significant troubles in their marriage. Beyonce’s marriage had seemed to be coming to an end, once rumors began to circulate that Jay Z was allegedly cheating on his wife with various women. Radar Online reported that Beyonce fought long and hard to save her crippling marriage. An anonymous source told the online publication that the singer decided to take control of the situation.

“Beyonce has got Jay by the balls and he’s very lucky he’s still around.”

A Beyonce pregnancy seemed to be an impossible thought about a month ago. Allegedly, Jay Z was incredibly unfaithful for quite sometime. In response to her husband’s behavior, Beyonce made her latest hit album, Lemonade, explained an insider close to the singer.

“He misbehaved sure, but he’ll never do it again… She basically told him she was doing her Lemonade album to clear the air and he had to, literally face the music.”

The source close to Beyonce also disclosed that the pop star “laid down the law,” creating some ground rules for her husband to follow. The singer allegedly wrote a list of women Jay Z can no longer be associated with.

“Beyonce made a list of all the women he’s been linked with and declared a ban on each and every one, including Rita Ora and Rachel Roy… She said she better never hear him connected with these women again.”

An anticipated Beyonce pregnancy can serve as proof that the rules she gave her husband are clearly working. While Jay Z could have exited the marriage, the rapper chose not to. An insider source close to the musician said that he’s “got no choice but to suck it up or he’s going to face a billion-dollar divorce.”

A Beyonce pregnancy now seems to be more than a possibility since the couple has successfully worked through their marital problems. A nameless source close to the pop star said that the couple is finally feeling some normalcy in their relationship.

“There was a time not too long ago that she thought they’d never get back to this place again, but they’ve worked through all their skeletons and there’s still real love there.”

Recently, Beyonce and Jay Z returned from a romantic getaway to Hawaii. The vacation became an opportunity for the couple to put “extra effort to make their marriage work,” reported Radar Online.

While a Beyonce pregnancy has yet to be confirmed, one thing that seems definite is that the couple doesn’t like living in LA. An insider source close to the couple commented on their dislike for the city, saying that “Beyonce and Jay have said they think that L.A. was toxic to their marriage.”

The pop star allegedly wants to move to closer to her family, the source explained.

“Beyonce told friends that L.A. is just too far from her family, and said that there are way too many vultures here.”

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[Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images]