Usher And Yuna Victims Of Racist Malaysian TV Show, ‘Yeah’ Singer Parties At Obama’s Last White House Birthday Party

Usher is a victim of a racist scandal, according to the Straits Times. The 37-year-old “Yeah!” singer’s recent performance was parodied by a Malaysian television show, and it didn’t go as smooth as Malaysians had hoped it would.

A local Malaysian entertainment show called MeleTOP parodied Usher by featuring one of its actors in blackface makeup. The actor, who pretended to be the American R&B star, parodied the singer’s June performance with Malaysian singer Yuna.

Conservative Muslim-majority Malaysia didn’t like the fact that Usher and Yuna hugged during their real performance in June, which is why they decided to make a comedy skit out of it. Malaysian performers are banned from hugging, kissing, or using foul language on stage.

Malaysian female performers are also prohibited from baring skin in areas between their shoulders and knees. In the parody, a woman pretending to be Yuna bowed in front of Usher’s blackfaced impersonator instead of hugging him.

The spoof video has spread all over social media, sparking harsh comments about the Malaysian show and criticizing it for alleged racism. Shortly afterward, the show took to Twitter to apologize for their “poor judgment.”

“We would like to sincerely apologize to Yuna & Usher for our recent parody video, which was poor judgment on our part.”

The Malay show also added that it had removed the comedy from its networks and asked everyone to not share it further. Usher himself hasn’t responded and it’s unclear whether he has seen the comedy skit or not.

On Twitter, many Malaysian commenters who had watched the parody said Yuna made Malaysia proud by hugging Usher onstage, and now the entire country is considered as racist all around the world after seeing the controversial racist video.

Yuna, who recently released a single called “Crush” featuring Usher, is a Muslim ethnic Malay, who has gained popularity in the United States for her magical voice. The American R&B singer also starred in the music video for the single.

Watch the parody video here.

In other news, Michelle Obama sure knows how to throw a cool celebration party on the occasion of her husband’s birthday, according to the Washington Post. And no cool birthday party can go without Usher, Ellen DeGeneres, and Beyonce.

That is, of course, for those who can afford them. But U.S. President Barack Obama, who leaves the White House later this year, wanted to make sure he had the birthday party of his life before he hands over his presidential duties to either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

The impressive list of guests, including Usher, DeGeneres, Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, and many others, gathered at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to celebrate Obama’s last birthday in the White House.

Apart from Usher and the other above-mentioned stars, such celebs as NBA legend Magic Johnson, Obama’s golfing buddy Alonzo Mourning, singer Janelle Monae, designer Jason Wu, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Oprah Winfrey were also among those who kept the president entertained through the night.

Usher gave the Obamas exactly what they need to have fun: excellent singing and a spectacular dance party. With his dancing shoes on, the “Yeah!” singer showed off his moves all over the White House, where either Trump or Clinton will reside in a few months.

The 500 lucky guests partied until nearly 3 a.m. After the party, Obama said that he tried to keep up on the dance floor with Usher and Monae. Moreover, he has a secret video of himself dancing with the two top-class dancers.

“Now, this is top secret. She has promised that this will never be released. But she can blackmail me at any time.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]