‘Arrival’ Starring Amy Adams Could Be The 2016 Alien Sci-Fi Movie Fans Have Longed For

Arrival starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker promises to be the movie Sci-Fi fans want to see. The first trailers have critics and fans drooling for more. Those egg-shaped and somewhat stone like ships have not only invaded earth, they instantly invade the imaginations of all who view the first trailer. Sci-Fi buffs want to see more and Adams fans are excited.

Amy Adams is a brilliant actress and five-time Oscar nominee. Could Arrival be her golden ticket to finally grab that coveted and elusive golden trophy? Maybe so, even though science fiction isn’t usually the best medium to get the Academy’s attention, according to the Independent.

Forest Whitaker [Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]
Forest Whitaker [Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]

Arrival starring Amy Adams shows a lot of thrill potential already, even though the movie will not be in theaters until November 11. Jeremy Renner, who has worked with Amy before, and veteran actor Forest Whitaker are among Amy’s co-stars in Arrival. Movie lovers have come to know, if the movie wasn’t exceptional, these guys would not likely be in it. They are among the best actors in this genre. Popular Science writer, Carl Franzen, is on board too after seeing the trailer, but also because of director Denis Villeneuve.

“It looks great, doesn’t it? The trailer exhibits just the right amount of creepiness, tension, wonder, and anticipation. And I’ve got very high hopes as the film is directed by one Denis Villeneuve, who also directed the critically acclaimed drug war thriller Sicario and the more divisive but undoubtedly interesting films Prisoners and Enemy, among others. He’s also the man directing the upcoming sequel to Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.”

Amy Adams [Photo by Jamie McCarthy c
Amy Adams [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

Sci-Fi fans are still waiting for a good alien invasion flick this year, after Independence Day:Resurgence left them wanting more, and preferably more of something completely different. Arrival starring Amy Adams could not be more different, considering both movies put forth an invasion scenario. That is where the similarities end if the trailer and early press comments are any indication of the movie’s appeal.

Arrival starring Amy Adams promises to provide everything fans wanted and didn’t get when the box office imploded for Independence Day: Resurgence in July. Arrival appears to be a smart sci-fi movie with a compelling plot. Adams will play a level headed linguist trying to cipher an alien language, while all those around her apparently want to shoot first and ask questions after. Her struggle to communicate enough to avoid an interplanetary war promises to be epic.

Independence Day: Resurgence was a serious disappointment, taking 27 days to reach the $100 million mark, according to Showbiz 411. While all those involved in making the film were disappointed in the poor theater receipts, Sci-Fi fans and critics were also dismayed by the movie’s content. It was not what moviegoers were hoping for after waiting 20 years for a sequel. Communities Digital News offered a bleak review, calling the sequel “tired.”

Will Arrival starring Amy Adams satisfy the cravings of sci-fi buffs? They can be a difficult audience, due to the demographic’s tendency to pick over details and remember every single word of dialog, but there is still a good chance that even the most discriminating sci-fi tastes will be satiated in this creepy and suspenseful thriller. Moviegoers will have to wait until November to find out.

With Sci-Fi enthusiasts still hungry for a meaty complex plot coupled with some exciting pyrotechnics, Arrival could not be coming out at a better time. By November they will be ravenous for a good movie in their genre.

Arrival starring Amy Adams promises to be a memorable alien sci-fi film, and potentially a future classic.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for CDG]