‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paulie Tries To Save Himself By Campaigning While His Father Battles Evel Dick On Twitter

Big Brother 18 has picked up the pace since the double eviction last Thursday. Everyone thinks they know where they stand with one another for this week, with Paulie likely being voted out tomorrow night. There has been a lot of talk among BB fans about what has transpired since the Power of Veto (POV) competition. Besides admitting to lying about seeing a psychiatrist and being cast anyway, Paulie has refused to participate in the tasks he was assigned to do as a result of the POV. He was told to bake pies all night long, but ignored the prompts to bake and the calls to the diary room. Defiance is grounds for automatic ejection from the game, and there is some curiosity about why he still remains in the Big Brother house.

Paul has been assigned to do something when called as well, directly involved with the POV competition. While he isn’t thrilled about participation, he is going along with it to ensure he has a shot at winning Big Brother. Tomorrow night’s Head of Household competition is crucial, and he wants to win to ensure things go his way. On the live feeds, Paul has discussed his anger toward the way production is allowing Paulie to behave and get away with refusing to bake pies and attend diary room sessions. In previous seasons players have been removed from the BB game because of their lack of respect for the rules and their outright defiance when it came to demands made by the production team.

It appears that Paulie still believes he can save himself and avoid eviction tomorrow night. According to CarterMatt, Paulie has been trying to make deals with James and Natalie since early Tuesday morning. There have been extensive promises made, and it appears that James may actually be considering flipping the vote. While it is unlikely, a flip would shake-up Big Brother more than anything else this season. Paulie wants to stay and fight in order to prove himself to his family, and he isn’t above lying and using excuses to stay. One of the biggest things he has been pushing is his aunt having cancer. It is unclear whether or not she does, but it is very clear how BB fans feel about this. Disgust is what people are voicing across social media, with a small percentage of people believing Paulie. If he is lying and it comes out it was all a ploy to stay, he will be faced with some incredibly harsh criticism when he exits the house and returns to the real world.

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The next few weeks will be intense around the Big Brother house. It is down to the point where pairs end up being split up and the final players left will have to fight hard to make it to the end. It appears that many fans favor Victor or Paul to win it all, and both have a shot as long as they make wise choices. If they continue to play off of one another, BB fans could see them in the final two at the live season finale. Paulie is working hard to get the votes to stay, even if it means that he has to lie through his teeth. After all of his antics since last Thursday night, he is going to come out of this with some harsh words from viewers. In fact, his father was on Twitter defending him against Evel Dick and his comments. Things got intense on the social media network, and it looks like it won’t be dying down anytime soon. This season went from mediocre to out of control with Paulie’s game being blown up into a million little pieces.

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