Michael Phelps’s Future Wife Nicole Johnson Shares Wedding Details

With Michael Phelps announcing his retirement, he has time to focus on his family and wedding with his future wife Nicole Johnson.

Phelps and Nicole Johnson, who was Miss California in 2010, got engaged last year in February after dating for several years. The couple welcomed their first child, Boomer Phelps, and they are planning their wedding.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Nicole Johnson revealed that they have set a date for their wedding. Johnson states that it will be small and intimate, which suggests that it will be an event for close family and friends.

However, Johnson also revealed that there will be a “massive bash for everyone in the States,” therefore you may have a chance to send well wishes to the Olympic hero.

In the interview, Johnson stated that she has been planning the wedding during the Rio Olympics and the wedding planning is done and she is now organizing the party.

Michael Phelps has stated that he will like to have more children with Nicole and his future wife revealed that they have plans to have more.

My happy lil family ???? @m_phelps00 #proudfiancé #family #bestfriend

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Michael Phelps won five golds and a silver in the Rio Olympics. This brings his career total to 28 medals, including 23 golds. Ryan Lochte has expressed interest in swimming alongside Phelps in the next Olympics in Tokyo. However, Michael Phelps is adamant that he is retired.

Phelps plans on taking Boomer to the Tokyo Olympics. His child with future wife Nicole Johnson will be about five years old by then. There is always a chance that Michael Phelps makes a comeback and many fans will keep their fingers crossed.

Before becoming Phelps wife, Nicole Johnson broke up with the Olympian, and they have dated on and off for about eight years. Michael Phelps’ mother spoke to Access Hollywood about their relationship. She told the publication that she always liked Nicole for Michael and that she had to let them work though their issues:

“They had to figure that out themselves, and they had to mature,” Debbie Phelps said. “When he called me and said, ‘I’m getting back with Nicole,”… I said, ‘That’s where you should be.'”

Michael Phelps has embraced the role of being a father. His wife Nicole Johnson thinks that she will be the disciplinarian, which suggest Michael is a softy when it comes to his three-month old son Boomer.

In an interview with ABC news, Phelps talked more about his relationship with Boomer:

“When I got out of the warm-up pool for the last time to get ready to go up to the blocks, I have the white shoes that I wore pretty much every finals. In the left foot, there’s a footprint of him, inside of my shoe, and I put my shoe on and I looked down at it and I started to get emotional because I knew he was in the stands.”

Phelps also talked about how the Rio Olympics were extra special because his son had the opportunity to witness the event.

“Being able to have our first child witness my last Olympics ever, my last ever, I mean, it’s just dream come true after dream come true,” Phelps told ABC News.

Michael Phelps plans on coaching and teaching water safety to the youth after his retirement. Phelps also has a foundation that helps underprivileged kids have the opportunity to swim.

Phelps also explained the hilarious #PhelpsFace meme that took the internet by storm. Phelps explained that the music his was listening to put him in the zone and that he wasn’t intentionally mean mugging.

Future wife Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps look like they were made for each other. Hopefully they will share wedding photographs with fans from all over the world.

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