Rick Hoffman Talks ‘Suits’ Season 6: Interview Reveals A Louis Litt Spin-Off Could Happen

Rick Hoffman has received widespread acclaim for his role as Louis Litt in legal drama Suits. His character’s humorous but often sensitive nature has made him a favourite amongst fans of the show, which is now in its sixth season. In a recent interview with Forbes, Rick Hoffman sat down to talk about Suits Season 6 and reveal where’s next for his character. During that interview, Hoffman was pressed on the possibility of a Suits spin-off following the life and career of Louis Litt, which he revealed was a possibility.

Season 6 has so far been the show’s most explosive yet, with Harvey currently busy working to get Mike out of prison and Jessica trying to save the firm. It’d be easy to assume that Rick Hoffman’s character has been forgotten about in the current season of the legal drama. In fact, the current season of Suits chooses to focus on Louis Litt’s personal life, rather than his position in the firm. However, that was a prospect Hoffman was pretty excited about, saying “I was surprised and loved the idea of bringing some more fun stuff with Louis back. You get to explore more of Louis’ heart and human side – especially this season, you can [see] how much more of an evolved human being he is compared to past seasons.”

In the show’s first few seasons, Louis Litt was well known as something of a humorous character, bringing lighter moments to Suits. However, Hoffman said that all changed with the show’s fifth season, which became a little darker towards the end. Hoffman himself was pleased to see some of those classic lighter moments for Louis in Season 6.

Of course, it’s the future of Hoffman’s character, Louis Litt, that every fan of Suits wants to know more about. With the show set to head into its seventh season next year, Hoffman addressed concerns that the show could run out of space for his character. Hoffman believes that producer Aaron Korsh has created an incredibly complex character in Louis Litt. Because of that, the actor believes there’s plenty of space left for Litt, saying “I think the viewers would be willing to go with Louis to many more places. It just has to fit Suits.”


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The idea of a Suits spin-off focused on Louis Litt is an idea that has been thrown around in the past. Rick Hoffman addressed rumours by not denying that a Louis Litt spin-off is a possibility. When asked if he was gaming for a Louis Little spin-off, Hoffman replied by saying “Am I aiming for one? I’m aiming for a sequel to Alf after that Mr. Robot guest appearance, I don’t know. You tell me.” Whilst not providing any concrete confirmation of such a spin-off, Hoffman didn’t rule the idea out and that’s good enough for most fans.

According to Variety, Suits was renewed for a seventh season earlier this month, set to air in 2017. Starring Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Gina Torres, alongside Rick Hoffman himself, Suits has seen a good deal of success for USA Network, averaging three million total viewers for each episode.

Exactly how long Suits will last beyond its seventh season remains to be seen. However, it could have some longevity in the form of a spin-off following the life and career of Rick Hoffman’s character, Louis Litt. It’s safe to assume that the idea may have been presented to Hoffman at some point, considering his reaction in not denying rumours. Whilst there’s no official confirmation of a Suits spin-off starring Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt, the idea is definitely far from off the table.

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