Hannah Renfroe: Pregnant Alabama Woman Who Was ‘Accidentally’ Shot In The Face By Boyfriend Is Dead

Hannah Renfroe, who was shot in the face by her boyfriend last May, is dead, Alabama News is reporting. The gun accidentally went off hitting the 21-year-old woman in the eye as her boyfriend got out of bed and pulled on his pants. She was five months pregnant at the time, but she lost the child after an emergency surgery had to be performed because of her critical condition.

Hannah Renfroe’s death was made public on a Facebook page her family members had opened to keep friends and well-wishers abreast of her condition after the shooting occurred. A post confirmed that the young woman, who valiantly fought for her life till the very end, died Wednesday morning.

“She has given a great fight for over a year now. Now she is resting in peace, no more pain or tears.”

Renfroe never regained consciousness after the tragic shooting. Doctors believed the eye in which she was shot was infected and removed it. The 21-year-old also developed pneumonia in her lungs and had to be taken off a ventilator for surgeons to perform a tracheotomy.

The procedure was to help create an opening inside her windpipe in order to get more oxygen into her lungs to battle the pneumonia. In addition, reconstructive surgery was done on her face, and doctors had to insert a filter in her blood vessels to prevent her blood from clotting.

Brittany Whitmore, who described her cousin as a sweet girl who “would literally give anyone the shirt off her back,” had posted earlier this month that Hannah’s condition had worsened and had been taken home so her family and loved ones could say their proper goodbyes.

Police officers had been directed to the residence that Hannah Renfroe shared with her boyfriend around 9 p.m last year. The boyfriend had called 911 and said he accidentally shot his girlfriend. When deputies arrived, they found the 26-year-old man trying to stem the blood coming from Renfroe’s right eye.

The boyfriend was queried by police and later released. There were no charges filed against him as investigators deemed it an accidental shooting. Alabama records revealed that the man had no prior criminal convictions besides minor traffic irregularities.

The Renfroe family did not buy the accidental gun discharge story, saying that the couple had a long history of relationship problems. Whitmore said her cousin had been working until she developed gestational diabetes and had to stop.

According to her, Hannah was “kicked out” of the boyfriend’s house and had to stay with her. She said her cousin just went over to drop off some food when she was shot. Renfroe never regained full consciousness to tell investigators what really happened that fateful night. Her mother said she found it hard to believe that her daughter’s shooter was not in jail.

“I just want to know how he can shoot my baby and be out walking the streets the next day, there’s no justice in that.”

The Facebook tribute also remembered her son, Xavier Chance Renfroe, who only lived four days after he was born. The child had been delivered by Caesarean section after Hannah developed a fever of 106 degrees.

He was born at 37 weeks and weighed, 4 pounds and 3 ounces at birth. The fever had severely affected him. He could not breathe on his own, and his blood pressure was fluctuating because his body was accumulating fluid.

Even when Hannah was shot May 21, 2015, the unborn child maintained a strong heartbeat. He remained stable even when his mother underwent surgeries to stop infections and correct her traumatic brain injuries. However, things spiraled out of control when her condition worsened, and the boy had to be delivered prematurely.

Please say a prayer or a word of remembrance for Xavier and Hannah Renfroe.