'Alaskan Bush People': Big News About Matt And Joshua

There hasn't been a formal announcement from Discovery Channel about the next season of Alaskan Bush People. Although there hasn't been any official news about the show's renewal, Movie News Guide recently reported that filming has begun, with several sightings of the film crew being reported by Hoona locals. What we don't yet know about Alaskan Bush People is when it will return and whether it will remain in its Friday night time slot or will be moved to a time with higher viewership.

Of course, also high on the list of things Alaskan Bush People fans are also curious about is how the show will deal with Matt Brown's alcohol issues and his time in rehab. There have even been rumors about him being left out of Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People"because of his health and him being a reminder that the Brown family is involved with the town's community more than what the show is trying to depict." There's big news on that front.

Then there have been rumors about the second-born among the Alaskan Bush People children, Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown. For the last week or so, talk of him being in love has been going on. Word has it that the object of his affection is part of the Alaskan Bush People crew!


So what's the big news about Alaskan Bush People's Matt Brown? Well, the last we saw of him was toward the end of last season when he worked up the nerve to talk to brother Gabe about his struggle with alcohol, later sharing his struggle with the rest of the Alaskan Bush People clan. Then there was the scene where we didn't see him, adding to speculation that he may not return to the show -- Alaskan Bush People parents Billy and Ami waiting and watching for him to return, and then being disappointed when he didn't.

There have been no sightings of the Alaskan Bush People's eldest son since last season wrapped - until now! We still don't know the extent of his involvement in Season 6, but Blasting News reports that photos of Matt Brown have appeared on social media lately. He's out of rehab and looks good! The curls have been cut off, and he looks happy and strong. On a reality show that has been the subject of many charges that it's fake, fans have come to care for everyone in the Alaskan Bush People family and would like to see Matt Brown's very real problem play out on the small screen. Others think that it's in Matt's best interest to stay away from Alaskan Bush People for a while and just focus on himself. We'll just have to wait and see what the Browns and Discovery decide.


The other big Alaskan Bush People news is about Joshua. "Bam Bam" is in love! He and his girlfriend recently took a three-week trip to New York and shared some photos of their time there.


And the object of his affection? It turns out she is a producer for Alaskan Bush People. She has even directed three of the episodes. Her name is Allison Kagan, and she and Joshua both look very happy together. There are rumors that things have gotten very serious between this Alaskan Bush People twosome. In fact, things couldn't get much more serious. Some are speculating that Joshua and Allison are married. The reason for the speculation? A photo has popped up on social media that shows Joshua with his arm around the neck of an Alaskan Bush People fan he ran into at a Paul McCartney concert. In that photo, he has a ring on THAT finger. Some are saying that it's a ring he's been seen wearing on the show, and that he seems to move it from one finger to another.


Whether they are married or not, news that one of the Alaskan Bush People children has found love is amazing. We're all happy for them. And, like with Matt, we'll just have to wait until the new season comes to Discovery to find out for sure what's going on.

One thing's for sure. Fans of Alaskan Bush People know that mother Ami is eager for grandchildren, so she is bound to push for them if Joshua and Allison get married.

Check out the video below in which she gives relationship advice to son Noah.

[Photo via Discovery]