Kate Middleton Pregnant? Duchess Expecting While Enduring A Mental Health Crisis

A Kate Middleton pregnancy might not be the only news coming from the Kensington Palace. The duchess is allegedly both “pregnant and anxious,” reported the Parent Herald.

Prince William and the duchess recently returned from a 10-day excursion to France. Prior to their trip, there was a lot of speculations among the media and fans of the royals, that the duke and duchesses’ marriage was failing. Many have anticipated that this sudden getaway to France was a way to save Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage.

While Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors have been circulating for quite sometime, no official confirmation has been given by the royal palace. Though, it has been reported that Middleton and William’s romantic getaway was an opportunity for the couple to “reconnect and conceive another royal baby,” explained Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Kate Middleton’s potentially crippling marriage doesn’t seem to be the only issue on the duchess’ hands. To start, Middleton has a history of suffering crippling morning sickness, Inquisitr recently reported. The duchess’ physical health can easily have a negative impact on her mental health. During Kate’s previous pregnancies with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the royal suffered from a form of morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum, reported the Parent Herald.

A Kate Middleton pregnancy wouldn’t only be stressful, but also incredibly untimely. The duchess has been lending a hand in helping her sister, Pippa Middleton, prepare for her upcoming wedding. Though Kate Middleton’s mental health has been a question of concern for quite sometime, the royal has consistently been a strong advocate for counseling. Recently, the duchess helped in launching a podcast series, which is designed to help parents understand the psychological health of children, reported People.

“It doesn’t need to be like this…With the right help, children have a good chance of overcoming their issues while they are still young, and can have the bright future they deserve.”

Though a Kate Middleton pregnancy has yet to be announced by the royal couple, it can be assured that the duchess does care very much about her two children. The royal recently said that without a doubt she “wouldn’t hesitate” to put her children in counseling, if they needed it. With the pressures of royal life, it would make complete sense for her kids to have a therapist.

“Both William and I feel very strongly that we wouldn’t hesitate to get expert support for George and Charlotte if they need it.”

Kate Middleton’s pregnancies have proven to be tough for her both mentally and physically. Still, the duchess won’t take any risk with her children’s health. She strongly believes that there should be no negative stigma attached to mental illness.

“No parent would fail to call the doctor if their child developed a fever, yet some children are tackling tough times without the support that can help them because the adults in their life are scared to ask.”

A potential Kate Middleton pregnancy has been a hot topic for quite sometime. Before Middleton and Prince William headed to France, the duchess was rumored to be expecting. Early in the summer, Prince William went solo on a royal visit to Germany to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Kensington Palace tweeted about Prince William’s trip, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry.

“During [Prince William’s] visit, HRH will attend events honoring the role of British Forces Germany and the strong ties between [North Rhine-Westphalia] and Britain.”

While it was never confirmed as to why Kate Middleton didn’t take the trip to Germany with her husband, many began to speculate that the duchess was expecting her third child.

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[Photo by Arthur Edwards/Getty Images]