Chris Brown Fails Random Drug Test, Gets Slapped With New Court Date

chris brown fails random drug test

Chris Brown failed a random drug test on June 18, potentially violating the probation he received for his assault on Rihanna.

Brown received a lecture and a fresh court date from California judge Patricia Schnegg on Monday after it was revealed he had tested positive for marijuana in Virginia. While California does not use random drug testing, the process is common in Brown’s former home state of Virginia where he served six months of community labor for his 2009 felony.

Brown — who appeared in court dressed in a white dress shirt, jeans, and a black and grey vest — was told by Judge Schnegg:

“You apparently did have a drug test, and that drug test came out positive for marijuana. […] I’m not going to order a subsequent drug test, but this is my advice to you: You are not an average person. You’re not only in the public eye but you’re on probation … I’m going to caution you. You should be very mindful of obeying all laws and rules.”

Brown had claimed to Virginia probation officials that he had been given a medical marijuana card and that the drug was used legally in California. His medical marijuana card had been provided by acupuncturist Ketino Karakalidi.

Schnegg reminded the wayward singer of the responsibilities that come with fame, noting that he has “a lot of kids” who idolize him and that he “should also be conscious of that.”

She then checked that Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, knew of his misdemeanor. “I do,” replied Hawkins, who was sitting in the front row.

Both sides have been ordered back to court on November 1 for a probation violation hearing. In Monday’s hearing, prosecutors suggested a report from Virginia probation officials could indicate a violation of probation has taken place.