Jordan Ann Dumont Death: Mom’s Boyfriend Charged With Murder In Toddler’s Death

Jordan Ann Dumont was found dead after authorities discovered the missing North Carolina toddler’s remains in a remote wooded area on Tuesday. The Gaston County Sheriff’s Office has charged the mother’s boyfriend in connection with the three-year-old girl’s murder.

WNCN News reports that William Joseph McCullen, 25, is charged with first-degree murder. He’s being held in the Gaston County Jail.

Officials say Jordan was reported missing from a home located in the 1900 block of Bess Town Road in Bessemer City on Monday. The search for the Gaston County toddler was called off after remains were discovered in the woods. The body hasn’t been positively identified as of yet, but the man who was taking care of Jordan Ann Dumont on Monday is now charged in her death.

McCullen called police after he awoke from a nap to find the girl missing. He alerted authorities around 3:30 p.m. on Monday. The Gaston County Police, Gaston County EMS, and Gaston County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call.

From there, search crews began combing the area to find the missing toddler. Volunteers and neighbors used flashlights throughout the night to help search crews find Jordan. A number of helicopters, K9 units, and agencies were dispatched to help find Jordan as well. At around 11 a.m. Tuesday, the remains of what police believe to be the girl were found, and the search was called off.

Gaston County Police Chief Joseph Ramey said the remains were near the toddler’s residence.

“In the wooded area near the residence – that’s all I can tell you,” Ramey said. “I’ll have to confirm that later, but it may be an area we went over briefly with dogs yesterday.”

Ramey added that the remains weren’t found out in the open, but that an officer noticed something that made him investigate further.

Details are scant in the case right now. It’s not revealed in the report why police believe McCullen is responsible for Jordan Ann Dumont’s death.

Police haven’t released additional information regarding the condition of the remains or how long they believe they were in the area before they were found. What’s known is McCullen was the last to see the girl alive.

The missing toddler was described as approximately 3-feet-2-inches-tall with curly dirty-blonde hair that was shoulder length. She had blue/green eyes and was last seen wearing a white shirt with a Mickey or Minnie Mouse image on the front. She also had on blue jean shorts.

No Amber Alert was issued because there wasn’t any sign of an abduction.

The FBI is also working with Gaston law enforcement on the case.

WBTV 3 News reports that investigators are working on several leads in the case. They’re also conducting interviews with various individuals who might know more about why Jordan went missing. The report notes that Williams Joseph McCullen also goes by “Skip.”

Another child was also inside the home that McCullen was caring for. That child is unharmed. No details surrounding the age or sex of the child have been released. Authorities aren’t revealing too much as the investigation moves forward and additional leads are investigated.

McCullen told police that he put Jordan in bed for a nap, and that’s when he took one as well. When he woke up, he said the door was open, and the three-year-old was nowhere to be found. Now it seems her mother’s boyfriend is being charged with murder. It hasn’t been disclosed if Jordan’s mother was at work at the time the child was under McCullen’s care.

Anyone with information on Jordan Ann Dumont’s death is asked to call police at 704-866-3320, or 911.

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