‘Doctor Strange’ Will Probably Feature This Avenger

In just a few months time, Doctor Strange will become the latest Marvel hero to enter its burgeoning and thriving universe. Of course, as with every new entry into the MCU, there will be a plethora of superheroes waiting to welcome him with open arms. If the latest rumor is to be believed, one particular Avenger will actually pop up in the film to personally greet him.

It goes without saying that there could be spoilers ahead for Doctor Strange. Those of you who don’t want the Marvel blockbuster to possibly be ruined probably shouldn’t read ahead, just in case this speculation proves to be true.

The latest rumor regarding Doctor Strange is that none other than Tony Stark/Iron Man will feature in the blockbuster, with Robert Downey Jr. having allegedly filmed a cameo for the film.

This speculation began on Twitter after user The Angry Ginger posted to his account that according to his sources Tony Stark might be involved in the film.

Further speculation began to circulate after Benedict Wong, who is playing the character of Wong in Doctor Strange, a Master of Mystic Arts who works alongside Benedict Cumberbatch’s character during his training, admitted on Monday that he had only just finished work on the film.

This is particularly interesting because it was previously assumed that Doctor Strange had actually concluded filming back at the start of April. In fact, we knew that it had finished shooting because director Scott Derrickson actually took to Twitter to inform his legion of followers that he’d done just that.

The big question remains: Why was Benedict Wong brought back in for filming? In all likelihood, it was to film some additional sequences that will either be added to those that were filmed during production to make things clearer or have been conducted to clear up previous mistakes.

Reshoots are now a common practice amongst blockbusters, with studios spending millions of extra dollars to perfect sequences that enhance the film.

But there’s every chance that Marvel took this opportunity to bring in Robert Downey Jr. for an Iron Man cameo in Doctor Strange. What also adds to the theory that Tony Stark will indeed feature in Iron Man is that we already know he’ll be featuring in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Marvel long ago confirmed that Tony Stark will star in the latest origin for Peter Parker, which will see Tom Holland take on the titular role and provide us further details on how he became so heroic after he made his debut as the character in Captain America: Civil War.

Civil War also left Iron Man at something of a loose end, too. Because of his dispute with Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers, Iron Man’s posse of Avengers has depleted substantially. In fact, the blockbuster, which was released earlier this summer to stellar reviews and a hefty box office haul, ended with Rogers breaking his team out of prison that Iron Man had helped to detain them in.

So it makes perfect sense that Iron Man is trying to make new friends to bring a whole new Avengers team together, while it will also help to set up Spider-Man: Homecoming as well.

We’ll finally get to see if Iron Man does indeed have a cameo in Doctor Strange when it’s released on November 4, while Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit on July 7, 2017.

[Image via Marvel Studios]